Top 5 Videos For Adults Only: “Mad Turkeys Gone Wild!”

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YouTube Screenshot

YouTube Screenshot

Maybe it’s just this time of year, with Thanksgiving right around the corner! See what happens when wild turkeys have had enough, and take on those who would prefer to see them on the dinner table, instead of this up close and personal! Watch these top 5 videos for ADULTS ONLY of “Mad Turkeys Gone Wild!”

One common denominator in each of these videos, is that being chased by wild turkeys is far more scary in real life than it is watching these videos!

WARNING: The are funny videos , but for ADULTS only! You can hear the ‘heavy breathing’ of those who are filming or being chased and sometimes ‘mild profanity’ pops out of their mouths in fear!

Video #1: A TV reporter goes to cover a local story about ‘wild turkey’ attacking residents, when she herself becomes the target and FREAKS out!

Video #2: These mad turkeys are in need of a Paramedic….but these paramedics are too afraid! (next page)

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