“The Golden Egg”

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Marshmallow Peeps Production Hits High Gear Before Easter
catherine200 Catherine Lane
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I learned a very valuable lesson at the tender age of three when  I was participating in an Easter Egg hunt at the Shelby Elks Lodge. ( The boys of the Tanner in the Morning show just love to tease me about my less than bright moment by the way.)   As I was picking up eggs I noticed a large golden egg kind of hidden away from the others.  Since this egg  wasn’t pastel like the others I picked it up but then put it down.  At this moment I can see my Mom running towards me, if felt like she was running in slow motion and I could hear her muffled cries of “Noooooooooo”.  Well, I figured I had done something wrong so I went back for the golden egg only to discover that Patrick Lutz was hot on my heels and retrieved the egg therefore winning the Easter Egg Hunt.  But the lesson I learned is this: “Recognize the golden egg when you find it and enjoy the prize”.  And happy Easter everyone! (even you Patrick Lutz, wherever you are)

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