Introducing Big Sexy’s Fun-Sized Sidekick: Meet Lil’ Sexy

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You’ve probably seen Big Sexy out (how can you miss him?) He covers the city like our airwaves, broadcasting from concerts, parties – and basically anywhere country music is played. But as big as he is, he can’t be everywhere at once.

So, he’s called in back-up to help him throw New 103.7 parties … Brittney Cason, his new, fun-sized sidekick. Meet “Lil’ Sexy”.

Hometown: I’m from a map dot in SouthWest Virginia, making me about ten miles from being from West Virginia. I’m just a small town girl!

Favorite country song: Tim McGraw’s “Where the Green Grass Grows”
After I graduated from Virginia Tech I moved to New York City for work. I survived there by blasting country music from my Walkman to drown out the city sounds. (Yes, a Walkman, I just aged myself). I listened to that song over and over again until it inspired me to fly South for the winter. And then I never left. You can take the girl out of the Dixie, but you can’t take the Dixie out of the girl!

Favorite country artist: That alternates with the music on 103.7, but I’d say overall Miranda Lambert. I relate to all her songs on a personal level (except the ones about killing ex-boyfriends). But I was also really excited when Jewel crossed over.

Favorite Food: Anything fried. Except shellfish, I’m deadly allergic to that.

3 random facts about yourself. And, go…
1. I’ve had the same best friends since 2nd grade.
2. I also work in NASCAR media so when I’m not at a country concert, I’m at a race track.
3. I have as many cowboy boots as I do heels.
You may also recognize Lil’ Sexy from the Brad Paisley video, “Old Alabama” … that song pretty much sums her up as she truly is a hot, southern mess.

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