Something You Can Hang Your Hat On-Go For It

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Darren Greenwood/Getty Images

Darren Greenwood/Getty Images

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It is never about how good your voice is; it is only about feeling the urge to sing, and then having the courage to do it with the voice you are given. Courage is fear in action!

Is your fear of “what would other people think” holding you back? Are you reluctant to try something new because you’re afraid of being embarrassed? We’re all human, and we all look foolish sometimes. But so what? The only people who never look foolish are the ones who never try. If you’re confident in your purpose, and focused on your goals, it really doesn’t matter what other people think. Sing, sing, sing, and don’t worry about being embarrassed. The ultimate embarrassment is never to have tried.

How often have you allowed fear and your inner critic to stop you from doing something you were inspired to do?

Helen Keller said, “Life is either a grand adventure or nothing.” When we allow fear and criticism to stop us in our tracks, we give up that grand adventure. What a waste!

As you go through your day, with the situations you encounter, the people you meet, the obstacles you face, think of the possibilities. Possibility thinking is thinking on several levels. It is looking ahead, discounting the odds, and knowing that, in some cases, 999 failures do not count as much as that one success in 1,000 tries.

You have a choice to make your own future, to select the possibility that suits you best. Look at the potential within yourself. You have a world of possibilities open to you. Break out of the mold and live the possibilities every day.

“Be an all-out, not a hold-out”, and NEVER GIVE UP before the miracle happens!

And that’s something you can hang your hat on.

-Kevin Engelbrecht

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