Do You Do Any Of This On Vacation?

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Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

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According to an annual survey by SpringHill Suites, 92% of Americans will take a vacation this summer. Here are some of the more interesting details they found out about those vacations . . .

–The first thing you do in a hotel room. The most common thing Americans do first when they get inside a hotel room is check out the view. Except for people from Florida. Their first move is to lock the door.

–One-quarter of people like taking solo vacations. 23% of people say they plan on going away by themselves this year. The survey also found 27% will go to a family reunion this year, 10% will take a cruise, and 6% will travel to a sporting event

–Half of people don’t check their email on vacation. 53% of employed people say they won’t check work email on the road. But . . . 69% of women and 53% of men will check social media sites.

–Will you fake sick days? 77% of people say they’ve never faked a sick day to go on a vacation. 23% have

–Can gas prices stop your vacation? The average person says gas would have to hit $4.80-a-gallon . . . which it actually MIGHT . . . before they’d consider not taking a planned road trip.

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