Want To Go To A Hot Club? There’s An App For That!

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Daryl Nelms Photography

Daryl Nelms Photography

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So, it’s a Saturday night and you’re feeling like going to a bar or a club but which one?  Now, there’s a new app that will help you decide.  It’s called SceneTap and it tells you whats going  at the bars before you go to them.  The company behind it installs cameras in bars, then uses facial recognition software to estimate the age and gender of the people there.  You’ll be able to check out how many people are there, how old they are and the male to female ratio before you go.

This could save a lot of time and money.  I’ve gone out with a group of my friends and we had to go several places before we found the right crowd or enough of a crowd to make it feel like a party.

I asked Intern Nate about his thoughts on this new night life technology.

In a word:  Genius!  Let’s be honest.  The only thing worse than a bad night out on the town is a bad night out on the town surrounded by ugly people.  Thanks to the boys (or girls) at SceneTap, problem solved!

The bar/club scene is already such a hassle and it’s always hit or miss.  This fantastic new invention takes almost all of the guess work out of a previously frustrating process.  At the risk of sounding completely vain, I’m just going to ahead and nominate these guys for People of the Year.  And with that I’ll wrap this up so I can go download this technological masterpiece.

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