Something You Can Hang Your Hat On-Listen To Pay Attention

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Darren Greenwood/Getty Images

Darren Greenwood/Getty Images

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Take the cotton out of your ears and put it in your mouth…

Listen to learn and learn to listen.

Our experiences educate us. They help us show each other the way. We need to share our histories. There is no greater honor we can give one another than our attention. We each want to be heard, to be special, to be acknowledged. Recognition may well be the medicine that will heal someone’s hurt today.

A new day faces us, a day filled with opportunities to really listen to someone who needs to be heard. The surprise is that we will hear a message just right for us, where we are now. A message that may well point us in a new, better direction. Guidance is always at hand, if only we listen for it.

Your willingness to listen is your gift to others.

Take time to listen, to really listen with the purity of your attention, to the person with whom you’re talking. Listen sincerely and you’ll hear the truth. Listen with an open mind and you’ll hear a teacher. Listen politely and you’ll hear a friend.

Today have the courage listen and to look within (without fear) at what needs to be changed in your life, and who needs your attention.

You must go within or you go without.

When we are trapped in our own narrow world of problems and confusion, we scramble whatever messages are trying to reach us. As a result we miss the many opportunities to make another person feel special and necessary to our lives.

Your growth is enhanced every time you give your attention fully to another person.

Be there for someone today!

Pay attention to what you pay attention to today. It will reveal your true priorities and genuine intentions.

And that’s something you can hang your hat on.

-Kevin Engelbrecht

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