The Truth About A Boat, Are They Bad Investments?

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Photo Courtesy of BIG SEXY

Photo Courtesy of BIG SEXY

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You know they always say that the best days of owning a boat are the day you buy it, and the day you sell it.  They also say the best boat you’ll ever have, is a friends boat.  I believe both are totally wrong and false statements.  I mean don’t get me wrong, any kind of ‘toy’ ya buy you can have problems with, but to me, nothing gives ya a better feeling in the world then being on my boat.

Its like the Kenny Chesney song “Boats” they are vessels of freedom.  You could have the worst week, but the minute you set sail across Lake Norman, Lake Wylie, Mountain Island Lake or any body of water you feel free.  It could be the smell of fresh air or maybe the sound water makes while it splashes against my pontoons, but either way the feeling is free.

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Photo Courtesy of BIG SEXY

Their is also something crazy about how good country music sounds while floating across the lake.  You could have Jake Owen jammin, maybe even a little Colt Ford rockin, and some Jimmy Buffett just hangin in the air.  It will always sound better with your feet in the water, and a cold beer in your hand.

This is all during the day, and if you wanna really see something amazing, hang out till sunset.  I’m not sure if its the water that magnifies the colors, or just the pure beauty of mother nature creates these kinda views but they sure are amazing.  You add great company of friends or someone you love with that, and you have the perfect recipe for a relaxing and refreshing night.

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Photo Courtesy of BIG SEXY

Making friends is what boatings is all about, and spending time with the friend and family you love having around.  I remember being a kid and going to the local lake whenever Dad got off work early, or even when we would go to a lake 4 hours a way for a week to camp and vacation.  They probably are some of the best memories with my family that no one could ever take.  We may not have had the biggest or best boat out there, but it was good enough for us, and we loved it.  Even now when my Dad comes to town we all hit the lake and spend good quality time together.

So if your thinking about buying a boat, be smart about it.  In my experience the outboard engine on a pontoon is the least maintenance and easier to take care of.  Also don’t bust your budget, you can find great used boats on Craigslist.  I would really make sure you have a mechanic or someone that knows boats to look at it before you buy it.  Also the more you use it, and the more often you use your boat, the less it will break down. Also if you have never driven a boat, take the courses online.  Its cheap, its easy, but you learn a lot and you will be a lot safer out there.

You’ve worked hard throughout the week, this weekend get ready and hit the lake in your own boat.  Most say bad investment, but you can’t put a price on memories, relaxation and a piece of mind.

Happy Floating


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