Love And Theft Album Offers ‘A Little Bit Of Heaven With A Wild Side’

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(Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

(Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

The reinvented Love And Theft drops their debut project today! Their single “Angel Eyes” jumped on radio charts quickly, hopefully setting the pace for the rest of L&T’s premiere project. Filled with clever lyrics about love and loss, L&T makes a declaration of their musical identity with their second project.

L&T debuted as a trio in 2009 when they released “Runaway.” Since then, they have dropped one member, switched record labels and slightly altered their sound.

Yesterday, the band tweeted excitedly about the release! Apparently there will be a listening party today at 1 p.m. for all you L&T fans!

The music leans towards the pop/rock side of the country genre. The album contains several fun electric guitar driven tracks, such as “Girls Love To Shake It” and “Runnin’ Out Of Air.” Still, a significant portion of the album is made up of acoustic compositions, and L&T stays away from getting too twangy.

There is no shortage of emotional tracks on the album, offering a nice balance with the fun, feel-good sounds of songs similar to “Angel Eyes.” “Thinking Of You (And Me)” captures the longing of the speaker to take a friendship to the next level.  L&T makes a strong connection with listeners in this one, with poignant lyrics that resonate with those who have dealt with unrequited love. Girl your hand brushin’ mine shouldn’t be no big deal/ When it does I can’t deny how it makes my heart feel

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L&T is sure to capture a few hearts with “Girls Look Hot In Trucks.” They accent this track with a bit of piano and dobro. Despite all the things we tend to disagree on, L&T tells us that Everybody knows/ Girls Look Hot In Trucks.

Ultimately, the album is not the most dynamic project, but L&T shows listeners their signature style with this one. It’s definitely not too shabby for a second album, and it does well reinventing the band’s sound after the changes they have made! If you’re a fan of “Angel Eyes,” you won’t be disappointed with what the rest of the album has to offer!

Just in case you haven’t seen it, check out the video for “Angel Eyes!”

Love And Theft Track Listing

Angel Eyes
Inside Out
Runnin’ Out Of Air
If You Ever Get Lonely
Thinking Of You (And Me)
Town Drunk
Real Good Sign
She’s Amazing
Girls Love To Shake It
Girls Look Hot In Trucks

-Alex Stegall, The New 103.7

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