Guenn’s New To WSOC & Pregnant!

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Guenn's Pregnant
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Today was Guenn’s first day with Tanner, on The New 103.7.  We know she’s pregnant but what that means is she gets to share all the good and the bad, right here!

2 weeks ago I had my 12 week ultrasound and everything looks good with him or her!  I’m due April 3rd and have been feeling great so far!

What we didn’t get to share on-air is was what an interesting discovery it was when we found out I was pregnant… My husband Kent and I got married last November and in May we moved to the suburbs and bought our first home.  Then over the summer we decided to throw caution to the wind and “see what happens” in terms of expanding our family.  Those, I think were our famous last words, and I’m sure reading “50 Shades of Grey” didn’t hurt either. ;)

Back during the first week of August my sister Sara, a mother of two who lives in Boston called me repeatedly, telling me she was having flashes I was pregnant.  Since she is not normally psychic I didn’t give her claims much thought.  Heck, we’d only been “trying” for a few weeks.  Well, her calls didn’t stop and she finally wore me down.  I took a home pregnancy test and got the biggest shock of my life, it was positive! Though this is something we definitely wanted and were making the effort to have happen we were speechless that it was in fact happening!

When Kent came home from work and I showed him the test, he nearly fainted, twice!  Once I explained exactly what it was he was looking at and what it meant, we embraced both clammy and with teary eyes marveling at our fast good fortune and my sisters unbelievable psychic ability.

Despite the fact it was really happening, it took until our second Doctor’s appointment for things to really sink in for Kent.  He kept telling friends and family “we might be pregnant”, or “we think we’re having a baby”.  But when he saw the images on the screen at the 12 week appointment he looked at me and said, “wow honey, we’re really doing it, we’re really having a baby”! My ultrasound tech and I had a good laugh and told him, yes this was without any doubts  happening!  

To help move Kent along, he’s now reading, “My Boys Can Swim!: The Official Guys Guide To Pregnancy” and loving my sweet tooth and new-found curves! 

I’m going to share as much as I can along the way, and Kent and I are just so excited for this next adventure, parenthood!  We’re also relieved and grateful that we have so many experienced family members living close by! :) We will be calling on them often.

Now that the news is out we’re expecting, we’re trying to decide if we find out what were having… The planner in me wants to know, needs to know.  I must be prepared.  But the traditional part of me whats that unbelievable surprise that can only come with waiting.  What to do?  Kent would like to know but is happy to wait, so basically he is no help in making the final decision. 

What do you see and the pros and cons to finding out or waiting?  Help a first time mom to be out!


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