Thanksgiving Traditions Across the Country

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With Thanksgiving coming up next week, there are tons of different turkey day traditions all across the country including the hugely popular and obviously well known Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Then there are the lesser know traditions such as Foods and Feasts of Colonial Virginia. We can’t forget the Turkey Trots, Black Friday, football and more football!

Take a look at the Thanksgiving traditions that are taking place across the country this and next week!

Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

For 85 years this parade has been the kick-off to the holiday season. The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is a uniquely American entertainment extravaganza. Over three million people line the streets of New York to see floats, the world famous balloons, top notch high school and college bands, youth performance groups and top name stars.

The balloon inflation takes place the day before and the public is invited to view this from 3 to 10 pm.


Thanksgiving at Plimoth

The first Thanksgiving was in 1621, today the same site is home to the Plimoth Plantation in Massachusetts. Thousands of people make the “pilgrimage” to the Plimouth Plantation because it is a model English village and has a Wampanoag Home site! Plus, guests can see the Mayflower II, Plimoth Plantation’s full-scale reproduction.

Thanksgiving is a big event at Plimoth. Some guests feast at the Harvest dinner with the Pilgrims . This historically accurate but still delicious meal is quite an experience. Tables are set with pewter and woodenware, and strewn with fresh herbs. The pilgrim hosts spice up dinner with tales of England. During dinner guests are entertained with psalms and songs from the period.


Foods and Feasts of Colonial Virginia

This 3-day festival which starts on Thanksgiving Day is held at the Jamestown Settlement and Yorktown Victory Center.

At Jamestown Settlement, visitors learn how food was gathered, preserved and prepared on land and at sea by Virginia’s English colonists and Powhatan Indians. Guests can see re-created ships and the re-created colonial fort. The Jamestown Settlement Café offers a traditional Thanksgiving dinner on Thanksgiving Day to celebrate this special holiday.

At the Yorktown Victory Center visitors learn about typical soldiers’ fare during the American Revolution . The Continental Army encampment demonstrates how soldiers turned meager rations of dried beans, salted meat and hard bread into nourishing soups and stews during the war. There is a re-created 1780s farm to explore.

Click here for the video.


Turkey Trots

Many Americans start their Thanksgiving Day with a fun run for a good cause. The is the “Way to Begin Thanksgiving Day” for thousands of Americans. Many of these events are terrific family friendly events featuring runs and walks for the parents and kids.

There are hundreds of Turkey Trots in many cities across the country including; Dallas, TX, Los Angeles, CA, Brooklyn, NY, Denver, CO, Tucson, AZ, Honolulu, HI, Pittsburgh, PA, Buffalo, NY, Cleveland, OH Detroit, MI and many more. To find a Turkey Trot near you, click here.


College Football

College football is perhaps the most watched thing on television on Thanksgiving Day. Some great rivalry games are played over Thanksgiving weekend including : Texas A&M vs. Texas, Auburn vs. Alabama, Oklahoma vs. Oklahoma State, Michigan vs. Ohio State and many more. These college games always have people on their feet cheering for their team.


NFL Football 

Football is an American Thanksgiving Day tradition. Millions of people play football with their families on Thanksgiving but even more watch the professionals play and give thanks that their team just made a touchdown. This year there are three games being played and are expected to have over 200 million viewers! The teams playing are: Green Bay Packers @ Detroit Lions, Miami Dolphins @ Dallas Cowboys, San Francisco 49ers @ Baltimore Ravens.


Presidential Turkey Pardon

Every year on Thanksgiving millions of turkeys are eaten. However, there is always one lucky turkey that survives this holiday. The Presidential turkey pardon, is a yearly event where the President “pardons” a lucky turkey. This turkey is given a reprieve on Thanksgiving . It is a fun event and is fantastic for families plus it has good ole fashioned turkey humor!


Black Friday

Black Friday is another Thanksgiving tradition, it is of course the day after Thanksgiving and is typically viewed as the start of the Christmas shopping season. Black Friday has been the busiest shopping day of the year every year since 2005 and it is believed that it has been even longer than that! Over 212 million Americans were out shopping last year, the question is will you be out shopping for deals this year?

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