Big and Lil’ Sexy’s Picks Of The Week: New Music from Colt Ford featuring Jake Owen

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LIL’ SEXY PICK OF THE WEEK: Merry Go Round by newcomer Kacey Musgraves

But this isn’t just my “pick” this week, this song is now one of my all time favorite country songs … ever.

Kacey Musgraves keeps it real in her debut song; she has street cred – “same trailer, different park,” is how she put it. Just listen to the lyrics … it’s like having a poem sung to you.

It almost made me shed a tear it’s so pretty. And listening to the song, when you get off the merry-go-round life can get lonely and you’ll face a lot of resistance going against the cycle, but it’s worth it to not live your life going around in circles like a NASCAR track.

Here is the video, enjoy ;)

BIG SEXY PICK OF THE WEEK: Colt Ford’s newest, Back featuring Jake Owen

I actually agree with Big on something, his taste in music :) I love Colt’s sound, I call it “Hick-Hop” – Hick with a little bit of hip-hop in it. He has street cred too! ha

Let us know what you think – the more you tweet us or call in and request it, the more we’ll play it! ;)

~Lil’ Sexy

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