Something You Can Hang Your Hat On-1+1=Won

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Darren Greenwood/Getty Images

Darren Greenwood/Getty Images

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1+1 = 1

“One friend helping another one equals won!”

Think of everyone around you — in your family, your school, your office, your community, your country, your world. Who can you help? How can you help them?

What value do you have to pass on to others? Answer that question, and it will lead you to wherever you want to go.

Help others enjoy prosperity, and you will become wealthy. Help others to be truly happy, and you will be filled with joy. Teach to others, and you will learn. No matter who you are or how doggedly life has beat you down, you have something to offer, something that will make your life shine.

When you’re in need of encouragement, offer your own encouragement to someone else. Nothing can lift you more surely and genuinely than your own efforts to lift another.

When you focus only on your own problems and challenges, it puts you in a negative and helpless state of mind. Yet when you turn your attention to helping others with the challenges they face, you naturally become more positive and effective.

When you sense that you’re feeling sorry for yourself, redirect that energy. Transform it into compassion for others. There is always something you can do to lift up those around you. And it’s a reliable way to lift your spirits as well.

Give the encouragement you would like to receive. And you will indeed receive it in double measure.

Who can you help? What can you do to make a difference?

This season, I can’t think of two better questions to ask oneself.

And that’s something you can hang your hat on.

-Kevin Engelbrecht

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