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Photo Courtesy of BIG SEXY

Photo Courtesy of BIG SEXY

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Lets face it, this world is getting crazier and crazier by the day, and its not that I’m scared, but the fact that I wanna be prepared.   Thats why I talked to the guys at Point Blank Range in Mooresville, NC about the concealed carry permit classes they offered.  I was lucky enough to get into one just a few days later for a great price too!  I really like the way they set the class up.  I mean you get the 8 or so hours of instruction in the classroom, some range time, but then they also give you one free month to use the range, and also a rental to use while on the range.

I feel sometimes these classes are offered and people take them, but then it all stops there.  Where Point Blank actually encourages you to come and use the range, to get better at your shooting skills.  After all, this class is made to protect you, not scare you, but instead prepare you for the real world.  It pretty much says that these are the things you need to know if your going to carry a gun in todays society.  At least thats all the government needs them to tell you, but they go farther.

Though I only took one class, I noticed they offered a lot more!  Everything from self defense to NRA classes, and I believe even advanced gun safety.  Troy Perry is the Director of Training for Point Blank Range so if you ever have any questions just stop by and ask for him!  Actually, during a break I got a chance to talk to Troy, and we talked about some of the myths around getting a Concealed Carry Permit, and we both did agree that there is never a downside to getting a good education!  I mean especially when it comes to using a firearm for self defense!  Even if you don’t plan on getting the Concealed Handgun Permit, its important to know the laws and what others could do legally, or what you could do to defend yourself legally.  Troy also reminded me that ‘ignorance of the law is no excuse,’ and its my duty as a good citizen to be educated about the safe and legal ways to handle firearms.

So even if your not thinking about getting your Concealed Carry Permit, the class is still very helpful to learn the safe ways to use a gun, and really what your rights are as a citizen!  You can check out more information at, and also follow them on Facebook for specials on upcoming classes.

A huge thanks to Troy and Eric, both are great guys, very knowledgable about handguns and also safety around them and the business they are running is top notch.  I’ve always believed that the folks that are scared of guns, usually aren’t that educated with them.  Thats only because before I actually ever got to shoot one or use one, I was afraid, and now I’m a whole lot more comfortable.


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