Best Viral Videos Of 2012

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Life is full of those little moments that we wish we could catch on tape and lucky for some of us… we do.  Thank God for the Internet otherwise we’d miss out on some of these hilarious videos, weird findings and outright “WTF” moments.

This year, plenty of moments were captured on YouTube and we lay all the hottest viral videos of 2012 out in one place.


Isaac’s Live Lip Dub Proposal

The start of the fad, Isaac really showed the generation how a proposal really needs to be done: with embarrassing music, tons of your closest friends and a really, really well placed camera.


Harvard Baseball Covers “Call Me Maybe”

By far one of the catchiest songs of 2012, Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe” was covered by every single possible person in the world but none as great as the Harvard baseball team.


Lamborghini Crashes In Chicago

Word of advice, while taking a turn in a $250,000 car, you should probably stop trying to show off otherwise you’re going to be caught in a sticky (and expensive) situation.


Facebook Parenting: For The Troubled Teen

Parenting… you’re doing it right.


The Cinnamon Challenge

If someone’s telling you to jump off a bridge, will you do it?  Probably not.  If someone tells you to fill your mouth with 12 ounces of cinnamon, will you do it?  Duh, of course.


Kony 2012

To date, this video has gotten over 94 million views and made a YouTube record by gaining over 24 million views in one day. 


PSY’s “Gangnam Style”

No one really knows the words to this… or why it’s so popular… or how he managed to do ANY of this with a straight face but this video is holding a YouTube record by most views ever.  (Okay, 1,000 of those views are probably us anyway…)


Catch The Ice Dude

Nothing says ‘smart’ like canon balling in your underwear into an ice covered pool in hopes that the ice will crack.


A Dramatic Surprise On A Quiet Square

When it comes to introducing a new TV channel, TNT wins.  Hands down.  Forever.


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