Is She Wanting Me To Chase Her, Or Is She Not Interested?

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Lets face it, relationships are not easy but then again they aren’t brain surgery either. Ok who am I lying too, I’d rather try to do brain surgery! But even before being in the relationship ya have to know if the person is even interested.

With social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and whatever else your on, the ways to meet people are endless. Saying “Hi” could turn into a relationship, or it could lead into you getting a restraining order against ya! Nah maybe that’s a little far fetched. But how do you know if she or he is interested or is maybe just being nice.

I always heard that “if they text you first they are interested.” Well yea but what if your sitting there waiting on a text, and they are sitting there waiting on a text? Good luck on that going anywhere anytime quick. Of course back in the day before beepers ya didn’t have to worry about texts. Just notes in class and maybe a phone call if you we’re lucky. Are guys suppose to always send the first text??

Now if you get past that point and are like me and say heck with rules, ill text first, then how do ya know if the person really wants to talk? Well if they engage in a conversation with ya and actually participate other then a quick answer and short message here and there its a good sign.

On the flip side, he or she, may just being nice and talking to ya with no interest on going any further. To find that out you could just not text them one day and see if they text. But the we go to where we started and the fact they may want to be chased.

Lets face the facts, dating these days is harder then ever. Even keeping a relationship together can be a tough job. I think it all comes down to being honest and not being afraid to put yourself out there. These aren’t the old days like our parents had, but it doesn’t mean we should be afraid to love and fall for others. Just be honest and hopefully others will do the same.

Or be like me, find some awesome friends, and live single with lots of toys! Haha Just kidding.


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