The “Catch of a Lifetime”

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catherine200 Catherine Lane
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Happy New Year Ya’ll!!  Wow, what a great vacation I had and I hope you had a little time off too.

First of all , thanks to my friends Dale and Nancy Sturgis from Rock Hill, S.C.  They took me and my fella out on their boat and we caught HUGE Catfish.  Pictured here is the 32lber that Rick caught on Lake Wylie last week.  He said it was his “catch of a lifetime”.

I’m sort of making the public announcement that after a very long courtship (again), Rick has indeed caught me too.  A Lot of time has gone by and revelations have been made and I am now comfortable saying we are full on back together.

I’ll give you a little background on us.  We started dating when I was 16 and he was 19.  We did marry, have two lovely children but due to a decision on my part, ended the marriage after 11 years. ( I remarried but that marriage was not meant to be for many reasons I shouldn’t go into and it had to end)

After  years and years of pursuit, lots of prayer, lots of laughing  and just lots of years of being content and happy, I’ve  deceided to give this relationship a brand new start.

My question to you is …can love survive and thrive the second time around???

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