8 People You Should NEVER Be Friend With On Facebook

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I admit it, I’m guilty of about half of these.  See if you are an offender too.

The Stir has released their list of the 8 people you should never be friends with on the social networking site.

1) Your Babysitter:  she or he doesn’t need to know this much about your personal life

2) Your Personal Trainer:  He doesn’t need to hear about it when you go to the cheescake factory.  Keep it professional

3) Your Clergy:  duh

4) Your Husbands Ex Wife or Girlfriend:  That’s asking for drama

5) Your Boss:  Its just awkward and a bad idea, especially if you slip up and let off some steam thats work related

6) Your Insane Ex:  I know this firsthand.  You think you can be friends, but its next to impossible

7) Your Baby Daddy/Mamma:  Too many thinly veiled passive insults and barbs

8) Your High School Bully: You didn’t like her when she egged your car in high school, chances are you wont like her now.

I’m guilty of numbers 3,4,5,6, AND 8 !!  I need to do a little fb friend weeding!

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