What Is Normal In A Relationship? Who Knows…

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(Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

(Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

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Lets face it, who actually knows what ‘normal’ is?  I mean what is normal behavior at work?  If you work at a radio station like I do, its probably way different then normal around your office.  I mean you may even have more fun depending on what ya do!  So when it comes to finding normalcy in a relationship, well I think we are just as lost as ever.  But according to a new survey they have found what is normal in relationships!

The survey which was done all around the globe with 50,000 couples asked them the things that bother them, but also what made them happy in a relationship.  They also asked the couples what they wanted more of and found out some interesting stuff!  Now 23,000 of the 100,000 folks that were surveyed were from here in the United States.  Its crazy what they found out.

One of the first things they talked about was the fact that 29 percent of women and 44 percent of men says it bothers them a lot that their partner is not more romantic!  Its crazy to think that many guys believe that their woman is not romantic enough for them.  I really woulda thought it would be the other way around!  So ladies how can you be more romantic for him?  Well just remember sometimes its the little things!  Oh and some camo!  Camo anything gets us guys goin!

The survey also found out that only 62 % were in the “Happiest” category with their relationships and just 14 % were “extremely happy.”

Being happy is a choice, but it also takes finding the right person.  At least thats what I believe, I think we make our choices and choose to be in different relationships.  Just because your not happy for one day doesn’t mean you should seek a different relationship, but if it seems like its a continuous battle to be happy then ya might wanna sit down and have a talk.  Now according to this study there are two ways that you can increase satisfaction.  One is sleeping in the nude, and the other is kissing the other person more.

Kiss more and spend more time in your birthday suit? Ok. Sounds like a fun summer ahead! Haha Just kidding!

All seriousness though who cares about normal?  I see a lot of ‘normal’ relationships where people are totally unhappy!  Then I see goofy people like me that find the right person and they totally are overly happy.  Normal is a word that we all want to judge ourselves against.  But the more you think outside the box, the more happy you will be when you stop worrying about being normal like everyone else.


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