Five Ways Having Friends Keeps You Healther

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catherine200 Catherine Lane
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I’m a lucky girl.  Some of my best friends are also the people I work with everyday.

It turns out that having friends is not only good for you socially but it also makes you healthier.

Men’s  Health Magazine says:

People with more friends live longer:  Researchers give a bunch of reasons why including more influence to take better care of yourself, and laughing like you do with friends helps ease stress in your life

A friendly chat eases pain:  A new study fins that people who have connections with others were better able to withstand pain if a friend was near after say a surgery or an emotionally  painful situation

Marriage helps you survive heart surgery:  Married men definintely have a higher life expectancy that unmarried men.  The statistics for women are similar but not as dramatic

“Divorce” either from a legal marriage or from separation from a lifelong friend actually can increase heart disease in some people

Not on the list but something I would add is GIRL WEEKEND TRIPS KEEP YOU SANE!  Go as often as you can get by with to laugh, share and get away from the daily grind or work and mommyhood.

Even internet friends can be beneficial:  experts say things as little as sharing your life in a status update is good for our emotional well being.

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