Their Really Is Something About Those Small Towns…

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Photo Courtesy of BIG SEXY

Photo Courtesy of BIG SEXY

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They say that if your not from a small town, you probably wouldn’t understand why they are so amazing.  I guess just like anywhere else in the world, you have your positive things about them, along with your negatives.  But I really think their is something about small towns.  Maybe its because of the fact that its like one big family and everyone knows your name, or the face that since the towns police chief is your neighbor you can get away with a lot more.

When I think of small towns I think of these tight knit communities where everyone supports each other as much as possible.  Which to me could be considered a family.  Ya know you support the local grocery store because your parents know the family who owns it.  Or that restaurant down the street is where you can talk to anyone that is anyone in the town.  Every Friday night the whole town goes empty because the local Football team is playing.  If ya win, well the whole town celebrates, and if they lose, the whole town talks about it for another week.

I’ve been lucky enough to live in the Small Town of Charlotte.  I know you think I’m crazy, but within this huge city, there are a bunch of small towns.  One of which I have a lot of friends in even though I live an hour away.  Clover, South Carolina may be getting bigger slowly but to me its a small town.  One that really sticks together as a family.  I got to see this all come together after a tragic event where a local country artist, Ricky Clinton, lost his life in an auto accident.  I still remember the day I got the phone call on my way to work and I sat in disbelief.  Though I wasn’t lucky enough to call him my best friend and have the friendship with him like others I know, this guy was great.  Everyone that talked about him alway said how amazing of a friend he was, and how he could never be a stranger to anyone.

Though you can find people like that in the big city, it takes a small town with a great family to raise a boy like that.  Over the last year since he past last January 31st, I got to meet Ricky’s mom and shes probably one of the sweetest women you will ever meet along with the rest of this family.  Ricky wrote a song called “Small Town Thing” which you can still find on iTunes.  Its a song about the things I wrote here, and really the thing thats made me realize how special small towns are.

In a small town, everyone is somebody.  You know that old so and so is a good time guy.  And well Miss So-and-so is probably the sweetest girl to come out of the towns high school since her momma.  If you live in a small town you say someones name and they know who you are talking about.  Maybe I’m crazy but thats a place I love to call home.  A place where you help your neighbor, and look out for each other.  If this world had more small towns like Ricky describes we could be in a whole lot better shape.  Guess its crazy, even after someone has left us over a year ago, the music and memories they leave behind can teach us a lot.

If your looking for something to do tonight, come join us at Coyote Joes as one of Ricky’s friends, Early Ray, performs.  It will be a special night and we will remember a truly great guy.  Ladies in Free, Guys only $3! Check out more info here.

Please keep Ricky’s friends, family, and that Small Town of Clover in your prayers, especially this week.  #RickyPlayOn


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