Brad Paisley Gets Pranked By Tanner, Jokes That Carrie Underwood Hates Children

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(Photo credit should read ROBYN BECK/AFP/GettyImages)

(Photo credit should read ROBYN BECK/AFP/GettyImages)

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Any fan of Brad Paisley knows one thing: he loves to prank people!  He’s pranked The Band Perry by changing their jumbotrons to the Doodlebops,  he surprised Darius Rucker at the Grand Ole Opry by pretending to be a fan and asking if he’s still the worst poker player in the world and even soaked Blake Shelton with water guns while on stage.  But now Tanner in the Morning is giving Brad a taste of his own medicine by having an 8th grade fan interview him with some pretty intrusive questions.

Eighth grader Kayla Jayne was shadowing the Tanner in the Morning show on the very day Brad Paisley was making his radio rounds to promote his upcoming album Wheelhouse, coming out April 9.  When she found out, she was beside herself with excitement so Tanner and the crew decided maybe she should take the reigns and interview the “Southern Comfort Zone” singer.

Starting off sweetly, she asked a pretty normal, albeit overused, question.  “Who taught you how to play guitar,” she asked.  Answering promptly he admitted his grandfather was a guitar player just for fun so he would watch him play all day before he went to work, revealing his grandfather even gave him his first guitar.

Then things went a little intrusive.   “How much money did you make last year before and after taxes,” sweet Kayla Jayne asked nonchalantly.   “Thanks for that great question,” he began with a laugh before answering candidly “before taxes I made about $250 million…  after taxes about $35,000.”  With immense giggling from the morning show in the background, Kayla continued.

Pulling the reigns back, she asked about his favorite color. “In cars I like blue, in things like guitars and amps… I like bright red.”  This is where things took a hilarious turn.

“Do you think Kenny Chesney has spent way too much time on an island drinking rum?” Without a second thought, Brad answered with “I do, I think that he needs to become a productive member of society and quit embezzling all his money into a Cayman island account and going down there and spending money illegally in the British territories down there.”  He continued quickly, “I’m just surprised no one has called him out in the middle of one of our campaigns as somebody who has a lot of offshore accounts.”

Finishing the interview with one final question, Kayla threw Brad the ringer.

“I love my parents but I wouldn’t mind being adopted by a good looking country music star.  Do you think Carrie Underwood would have me?”  In a fit of laughs, Brad took a second to regain his train of thought before giving her a slew of backhanded compliments.  “You are going to do really well in life.  There are a lot of people who are going to give you a lot of respect with your attitude… I’m not one of them but there are a lot of people who will treat you well in your life.”  But of course, he made sure to answer her question the best way he knew how, joking: “Carrie Underwood, it’s a little known fact, hates children.”

Props to Brad Paisley for taking the interview with a light heart and joining in on Tanner’s awkward questions.  Listen to the full interview below:

Brad Paisley’s new album Wheelhouse will hit stores on April 9.

-Jodi Phillips / The New 103.7

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