Lookin For Love?? Might Be Looking In The Wrong Places…

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(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

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I know your tired of hearing about love this, love that if your single and you just went through that dang Valentine holiday, but keep your chin up, its really not as bad as you think!  I mean at anytime love could literally be right around the corner, even in the bathroom?  Now personally I haven’t ever looked for love in any of these places but according to TruTV its some of the dumbest places you can meet love.

-The Bathroom- What?!? Who meets someone in the bathroom?? Now I guess in some places they have ‘modern unisex restrooms’ which is just crazy, yall ladies go crazy bout the guys leaving the seat up around the house, shew could you imagine.  Now they also talked about like when your at a concert and the lines long in the ladies room, so yall sneak in the guys room.  I guess I could see the romance in a girl using the urinal. BLAH!

-Prison- You thought the bathroom was weird, imagine finding love and romance through bulletproof bars and bars.  I mean nothing says love to me like those orange jump suits but oddly people fall in love with someone behind bars.

-A Nerd Conference- Hey, nerds need to find love too, and everyone deserves to be happy! Maybe they find there love match at Comic-con or a Furry con where your dressed up as Darth Vador and she’s dressed as Sailor moon.  Hey if it works, then all the power to ya!

-Where You Work-  Though its highly frowned upon in the corporate world you can still find love in the work place, just be careful.  You really don’t wanna loose your heart and your job, along with your 401 K and sweet benefits.

-Dive Bar- Yea you can find some love in those nice classy bars but finding love in a place that has a bartender missing a few teeth and only serves canned beer, is really a true fate kinda deal.

-Craigslist-  Yea you can find love on Craigslist, just be careful though if they start talking about charging roses for your time, they really aren’t talking about flowers and you may end up finding love behind those prison walls.

-Kentucky- Yes the state, according to The Daily Beast Kentucky has a lot of divorces.  So looking for love there may not be a good place!

-Your Shrink’s Waiting Room- Hey you never know why that person is there for ya and who knows maybe there life is a disaster just like yours, or maybe its so awesome like yours and thats why they are there, to brag!

-Facebook-Yea you can find love on Facebook, and it may last a long time but don’t get Catfished!

-Right There- Where your sitting is probably the dumbest place to try to find love, unless your reading this at the bar or somewhere, but even then, why are you reading the BIG SEXY Blog when you are out hangin with friends and in public?  Is what I write really that important?

Where is the weirdest place you’ve found love?? Leave a response below!


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