If I Could Ask Any President, Anything…

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(Photo by Brendan Smialowski-Pool/Getty Images)

(Photo by Brendan Smialowski-Pool/Getty Images)

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Well since its president’s day I figured I’d talk about how awesome it would be to ask any president, anything.  Now let me start off by saying I’m the last guy to get serious about, well anything.  But I would try my best, I mean after all it is the president of the United States.  I’d probably wanna sit down over a Pabst Blue Ribbon, ya know represent the red, white, and blue, and of course make it all a little more relaxing.

For my first question it would be small talk like “How has the family been” or “How about those (insert sports team here)” then it would get into the tougher questions.  One of my main ones would be, “So how much is the electric bill every month at the White House?”  I mean seriously all those lights, computers, security and so on.  I live in a little 2 bedroom doublewide on Lake Norman and that baby runs up a power bill so I could only imagine his!

My next question would be, “How awesome is it to have your very own security detail, anywhere you go?”  I mean even after you retire being president you still get secret service which means you get a car to drive around in, armed guards and so on.  I guess after a while it would get boring but its worth asking.  After that question, and kinda in the same category, I would ask “Do you miss doing the every day chores like we do?  Ya know going to get the mail, or mowing the grass weekly.  Cleaning the house or stuff like that?”  I mean I doubt he would or anyone would but ya never know.

The last question I’d ask any president would be “How do you feel about country music? Is it not the music that represents this country?”  Of course we know he would have some kinda great answer to not tick off anyone in the Pop, Rock, Hip Hop or any other industry but hopefully by then we would be a few PBR’s in and he would tell me how he really feels.

Happy President Day.  While we think about those that run this great nation, lets not forget about the ones who are fighting for our true freedom.  The ones that really deserve the day off, but most never get a paid holiday.

What president would you wanna sit down and what would you wanna ask them?  Comment below!


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