Do Parents Really Have A Favorite Kid?

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Photo Courtesy of BIG SEXY

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Everyday when it comes to blogging I like to find interesting stuff to talk about, or stuff I’m shocked to read, well today is kinda in the shocking category.  I mean I’m not an only child, I come from a divorced family where both my parents are remarried, on my dads side I have a step brother, and on my mom’s side I have a half-sister, and then I have one biological brother.  Are you still keeping up?

Now earlier today I read a study that a website did where it asked 1,200 parents who had kids 3 or older if they had a favorite child or not.  Now I was thinking how any parent could love one kid more then another, I mean especially when they are both from you, I mean shouldn’t you love them both, but surprisingly one in 12 admit to having a favorite, and 46 % said they didn’t give children equal attention.

Now they also have a few reasons for this, such as a stronger bond with one kid, or another reason is that the other kid misbehaved more often.  I guess I can see both those being an issue, but a good reason?  I won’t judge anyone, because its not right but what I can do is try to do better when I grow up.  I feel i’m lucky to say that I never felt that my parents loved one of us more then the other.  Now we do have some age differences which created an issue for attention, but My Mom and Dad, my Step Mom and Step Father were all very supportive over the years.  I’m not bragging, but instead stating where I’ve learned it from and know its possible to love equally.

I wouldn’t be surprised that if you look into those behavior issues it all stems from feeling neglected as a child that doesn’t feel equally loved.  I mean it makes sense right?  Then you look into behaviors as the children get older, and into society they do stuff for attention because its just how they learned to get it.  Lets face it, this world will never be perfect, but we can all try harder to be better.

Ya know maybe I have no idea because I’m not a parent.  Or maybe I’m just crazy and think that maybe by putting forth a little more effort in this world we can all have a better life.  No one likes to work and this world has gotten lazy, I mean i’ll be the first to tell you I can be lazy.  But when it comes to our children, future generations isn’t it worth it to try a little harder?

Through the years I’ve seen families that have one kid the parents gave more effort towards and shown more love towards.  The mom and one son or daughter had a tighter bond then the other kid.  In the end it creates this huge jealousy issue between the kids, then you get into huge family arguments over small matters because one gets something the other doesn’t when in the end everyones family.  I mean does family still mean what it did years ago or have we lost that too?

I guess sometimes I look at the world and get frustrated.  I’m not perfect, and my family isn’t either.  But we always and still to this day have supported each other in decisions that we thought were best for ourselves.  Such as my brother or even I going to college.  Yea they probably doubted I would do well because I’m not the smartest but with their support I graduated in 4 years, and my brothers well on his way to a degree in Psychology.

Lets love each other equally, support each other every day, and have faith in each other.  It all starts at home, and your family.  Make it mean something.

Maybe I’m crazy, like I said, I’m still young, but I’d love to hear your feedback below.


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