Its Science! Teen Girls DO Fight With Their Moms

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catherine200 Catherine Lane
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This is me and my daughter Emily.  I love that girl more than life but man did we EVER get into some fights when she was growing up.  I had always heard that girls were harder on their Moms than boys but now there is science behind it.

A study has found teen girls fight with their Mothers an average of 183 times a year!

Girls also slam doors 164 times a year; have 257 fights with siblings and fall out with their friends 127 times!

So, what are the fights about?  Bedroom neatness, talking back and dating boys were the most common roots of fights.

So, when do girls start appreciating their mom, not til they are 23.

When it comes to the perfect age gap between mother and daughter, a 25 year age gap is deemed ideal.

By the age of 23 three quarters of women said they felt grateful to their moms for the way they were raised,

Source: Lil-Let’s

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