The Difference Between Consuming Natural Sugar Vs. White Sugar

By: QC Writer
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(Photo by Ulrich Baumgarten via Getty Images)

(Photo by Ulrich Baumgarten via Getty Images)

(CBS Radio) — Have you ever heard that the natural sugars found in fruit are healthy for you, while other sugars, such as those found in your sweetened tea or your latest batch of cookies, are not so healthy?

The truth is, natural sugars and white sugar are both comprised of glucose and fructose, however, how your body breaks down these sugars varies considerably.

Your liver is responsible for filtering out the fructose in your body. Unlike glucose, ingesting fructose does not signal the pancreas to release insulin — as the liver is fully capable of removing fructose from the body. Glucose, on the other hand, is broken down in your stomach, and requires insulin to remove glucose from your body.

Interestingly enough, the fructose to glucose ratio in natural sugars vs. white sugar is about the same, though in terms of nutritional value — these sugars are far from equal. Let’s compare:

Nutritional Value Of An Orange

Eating one orange provides you with:

-45 Calories.

- 85 percent of your daily vitamin C (and other nutritional value, such as vitamin A, vitamin B-6 and Calcium.)

- 0.1 grams of fat.

- 9 grams of sugar.

- 4 percent potassium.

- 11 grams of carbs.

Nutritional Value Of A Brownie

Eating one brownie provides you with:

- 132 Calories.

- 0 percent vitamin C.

- 8 grams of fat.

- At least 20 grams of sugar.

- 1 percent potassium.

- 14 grams of carbs.

In truth, when comparing foods that contain natural sugars to those that contain white sugar, the nutritional value in each food is more important than the amount of sugar each food contains. With that said, most of the fruits you eat contain less sugar than an unhealthy sugary treat. As shown above, an orange contains less sugar than a brownie and has a lot of nutritional value. A brownie, on the other hand, offers very little nutritional value and has a great deal of calories and fat.

As with anything, moderation is the key to a healthy lifestyle. Consuming sugary treats in moderation is always wise, while reducing the amount of fruit you eat in an attempt to lower your sugar intake, is not wise.

QC Writer, CBS Radio

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