How Your Diet May Be Hurting Your Relationship

By: QC Writer
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(credit: Getty Images)

(credit: Getty Images)

(CBS Radio) — Many people struggle with their weight and body image, and ultimately become fed up with the way they look. Not only will dieting in itself not shed the pounds, but your latest and greatest diet may be hurting your relationship.

For many individuals, controlling what they eat and maintaining portion control can be difficult. Other people may follow a diet/exercise regime religiously — but after a few months the dedication diminishes and the pounds slowly return — one by one.

Moreover, restricting your favorite foods can lead to irritability and can make you less committed in other aspects of your life … like in your relationship, for instance.

Becoming less committed or faithful in your relationship while dieting is more common than you think. Often times, when people have to stave off cravings and refuse to allow themselves to break free from their diet, they are more prone to be less regimented/loyal in other areas of their life, which could in turn lead to cheating in their relationship.

The best way to keep your relationship strong while dieting is to allow yourself the opportunity to cheat on your diet, not your significant other. Additionally, only limiting one food group in your diet at a time will go a long way in feeling less controlled and restricted.

-QC Writer, CBS Radio

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