Kids Are Now Getting Fat Letters?

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(Photo by Philipp Guelland/Getty Images)

(Photo by Philipp Guelland/Getty Images)

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Ya know, not many things totally drive me crazy, but this topic has really gotten to me.  A new thing that has started at some Elementary schools around the country in 19 different states have started sending home letters to parents about the weight and body mass of their kids, something they are calling “fat letters.”

Now I understand its a problem in this world and it is unhealthy to be over weight, but I’m proud to say, that after 26 years of being a bigger guy, I’m still in great health and do more then ‘skinny’ folks do.  I mean I know folks that weigh less then me that are way more unhealthy, but this isn’t about all that, its about the fact that parents are getting letters talking about how their kids are overweight.

Lets face it, being a big kid in Elementary school is tough enough, the bullying that goes on is worst then its ever been, but I doubt kids are getting ‘Your Kids A Jerk’ letters home.  Nah instead we are gonna pick on the kid that weighs a little more then he is suppose to so when he gets home his parents hound him about how he eats too much or the wrong thing.  I understand we want kids to make better choices and not eat so much junk food, but this should be decisions that parents make at home, not in a school.

Are there any letters that get sent home for how awesome their personality is?  Or how sweet they are?  I mean can we not be sending positive letters home about the great things the kids have going for them, instead of a letter calling them out for their weight?

Maybe I’m wrong.  But these kids need to know that they are just as awesome, even maybe more awesome then there peers.  But lets not pay attention to that, lets talk about their weight and size.  Lets judge them because they aren’t skinny, right?

Whats your take on it?


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