Brantley Gilbert Admits His Favorite Tour & Why You Should Buy His Music

Jodi Phillips
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It’s been about four years since fans have received a new album from Brantley Gilbert and they’re chomping at the bit for anything BG related they can get their hands onto.  Thankfully, he’s heard the outcry and has been in the studio working on his next album, which has yet to be named or assigned a release date.

Luckily for The New 103.7, Gilbert stopped by the studio to preview a few of his songs including his next single “Bottoms Up” and the entire staff was left with their jaws on the ground.  The music that is about to hit the ears of the country world is going to blow everyone’s mind.  From his new single to a heartfelt break up song which he admits was really easy to write after his latest breakup all the way to a feel good youthful song about being 17 and sneaking out of the house, every song is full of robust country sounds that will get everyone’s boots tapping.

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Gilbert sat down with us after previewing his new songs and let us in on a few more aspects of his life.  He’s been writing music since he was a teenager and while the journey was a long one, it finally paid off when he heard a familiar voice on the speakers of his hometown station.  “I was riding around in Athens Georgia.. and the DJ was a sweetheart so she kind of snuck one into rotation for me and she wasn’t supposed to,” he explains of a song he wrote for Friday Night Football.  “It was definitely a cool feeling.  I can’t remember exactly how I felt but it was something I’ll never forget.”  Since then, it’s been touring, songwriting and being a staple in the country music scene.

For those who aren’t familiar with Gilbert, he’s penned familiar hits like “Dirt Road Anthem” and “My Kinda Party,” both songs featured on Jason Aldean’s release My Kinda Party.  But when he ventured into his music career, he was ready to hit the ground running.  With almost four years since his last release, he’s got a big reason why he wants you to buy his next venture and it even took us by surprise.

“I’m hungry.  I’m real hungry.  I’m starving,” he says with a straight face until busting out into laughter with the crowd’s shocked expression.  In other words, buying the album puts food on the table and this country boy needs his nutrition!  Maybe he can look into acting to feed his stomach, after appearing last season on the ABC hit Nashville.  “I thought about acting a little bit but I don’t know if what I did on Nashville is technically considered acting because I was playing myself.  I do that every day in the mirror when I’m trying to make [my biceps] grow,” he joked before admitting that he’s already read over some scripts, though nothing has jumped out at him.

“I’ve actually read over some stuff [but] music is and always will be my number one priority,” he explains before continuing.  “If there’s a part that we run across that I could relate to, I definitely wouldn’t mind giving it a shot.  What’s the worst that can happen? Nobody watches the movie?  I’ll watch it.”

Gilbert just recently finished a tour with Tim McGraw, who he cites as one of the most down-to-Earth and loving father and husband he’s ever met, and is currently promoting his new single “Bottoms Up” to radio stations across the country.

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