A&E Series ‘Crazy Hearts’ Seems Crazy Scripted

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(Photo by Rusty Russell/Getty Images)

(Photo by Rusty Russell/Getty Images)

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I was pumped, another show about country music on TV.  Kinda like Nashville but it seemed like the real version.  Ya know people that were really working on getting their careers going in Music city.  Then ya watch the first episode last night, and the excitement is gone.  Dang.

I’m not one to put down others creativity whether its music, art, TV, or movies, so I will probably give it a few more chances, but I just gotta say I’m disappointed.  A&E had a huge hit with the Duck Dynasty boys, and it seems like they are trying to come out with more scripted reality TV.  The difference is, Duck Dynasty isn’t filled with drama like this new TV series ‘Crazy Hearts’ is.  I mean we shoulda known I guess when it was called ‘Crazy Hearts’ but still.  I was hoping to see a reality show about folks trying to make it in the music industry, not the ‘Real Housewives of Nashville, Country Music Songwriter Edition.’

I had to see what everyone thought about it who had seen it so I hopped on Twitter:

The responses weren’t favoring the show:


I also asked the same input on Facebook and I did have one girl said she enjoyed the drama even if it was scripted.  I guess there will always be some that just love dramatic TV, and thats fine, but I’m not sure if I’m a fan.  If I want drama and suspense I’ll watch Cops!

Check out the teaser for the show:

What about you? Did you catch it? What did you think about it?


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