The Party Down South’s Comin Back For Another Season!!

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Photo Courtesy of BIG SEXY

Photo Courtesy of BIG SEXY

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Those folks in South Carolina must have rocked CMT harder then thought they were going too since they have announced that the Party Down South will continue for another season!  This really isn’t much of a surprise because its the highest-rated original series that CMT has ever had on its channel.  What makes people so interested in the show that they watch it every week?

Well it could be the never ending train wreck mixed with a lot of fun.  I mean lets face it, these folks are in their early 20’s, partying their life off and having the time of their life.  All something wee wish we could do every single day.  Kinda like the song from Corey Smith “Twenty-One,” it doesn’t matter if your younger then 21, you wanna be 21.  Then you get past that age and older, into your 30’s and you still wish you could go back and be 21 with not a care in the world again.  Most of us want to relive that time in our life, so why not watch these folks live that time for us?

Socially this has been one of the best shows so far on CMT, with cast members like ‘Lil Bit’ having over 27 thousand followers and cast member Lyle having over 35 thousand followers.  Its really bringing a new group of fans to CMT.  But who cares about that right? We just wanna see em party!  And we have!

Party Down South

This is a photo I took of my best friend ‘CornFed’ out on the town with ‘Daddy’ from the hit show.  ‘Daddy’ and ‘Lil Bit’ have been hitting the nation’s night clubs making appearances and Suite in the EpiCentre just happened to be one of them.  We couldn’t pass up the chance to say hi, hang out and party, and show them how we do it in the queen city!

Not sure if they will stay in the same town or hit up another along the coast.  Either way the Party Down South will continue on The New 103.7 till they return June 5th at 10 PM!  Maybe they will invite me for a quick appearance to show em how we party right here on the LKN!  I can dream right?



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