Top 10 Things That Make Men Irresistibly Attractive

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(Photo by 2000 Fox Broadcasting)

(Photo by 2000 Fox Broadcasting)

When it comes to men and their attractiveness, both men and women seem to have a different idea about what really draws a woman in.

Often times, especially at the beginning of a relationship, both men and women place great emphasis on staying in shape. Most men probably think that the bigger their muscles are, the more women they will attract — while that could be true, at least for the short term, there are certain things that men do that us women find irresistibly attractive, and being muscular isn’t on the list. Surprised?

Here are ten things that make men irresistibly attractive:

10. If a man is sincere and nice to others, especially strangers, his attractiveness instantly increases. How a man treats others says a lot about his character.

9. For some reason, a lot of men seem to reserve their smiles for rare occasions … but when a man smiles, especially at a female, it makes him incredibly irresistible.

8. Being handy around the house is definitely another quality that makes a man irresistibly attractive, especially if he fixes something without being asked.

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7. A man who has his own interests, and even better, is passionate about said interests, is really sexy.

6. There’s something rather intriguing about watching a man cook and clean, especially when he goes out of his way to cook a nice meal.

5. The stereotypical man in a relationship tunes out at least half of what the woman in his life says to him. If we find a man who actually listens and gives us more than a one word response, he’s definitely a keeper.

4. A man who isn’t afraid to show public affection gets extra points in the attractive department. We aren’t talking about the kind of affection where the couple should get a room, we’re talking about randomly holding your hand, etc.

3. What could be hotter than a man who listens? A man who can hold an intellectual conversation, of course!

2. When a man can be vulnerable, it’s probably one of the most reassuring signs that he really loves you. Some men think that being vulnerable is a sign of weakness, but on the contrary, most woman view this as a strength.

1. The most irresistibly attractive thing a man can do is be thoughtful. Sending the woman in his life flowers or a text out of the blue is impossible for any woman to resist.

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