Top 5 Types Of Women You Need To Hide From Your Facebook Newsfeed

By: QCWriter
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(Photo by Mary Turner/Getty Images)

(Photo by Mary Turner/Getty Images)

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A recent study conducted by Science Direct suggests that women who are lonely share more personal information on facebook compared to women who are not lonely.

Depending on the depth and duration of their lonely spell, you could be seeing a lot of her posts on fakebook (we mean Facebook,) that for some reason, draws you in.

But why?

Dear Men,

Is it because you sense her loneliness and feel summoned to fill the void in her life? Before you become Superman and save her from her misery, make sure that she’s not subconsciously casting a spell on you.

The problem with Facebook and other social media sites is that people don’t necessarily show the world (ahem, the Facebook world) who they really are, but rather other Facebook users tend to see a side of the person posting — not the actual person. It’s equivalent to opening a book and reading the first page, a random page in the middle, and the last page — obviously, you’re not getting the whole story, just a glimpse.

While that insight may intrigue you, there are some serious red flags that you need to look out for, and if you have women in your Facebook newsfeed who are going to these extremes, do yourself a favor — hide them before it’s too late.


We’re Doing You A Favor

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