Top 10 Unspoken Rules Of Living In The South

By: QCWriter
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(Photo by Matt Sullivan/Getty Images)

(Photo by Matt Sullivan/Getty Images)

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Southern people are known for being extremely hospitable, religious, and proper. We are hard working and family-oriented.

Many Southerners live by unspoken rules that have become a part of who they are. These rules are entrenched in Southern culture, and engrained in the very fibers of their being. When it comes to Southern living, Northerners just don’t understand our way of life because they didn’t grow up in the South.

10. Here in the South, we like to drive on dirt roads. If you don’t like getting a little dirt on your vehicle, pull over and get out of our way! Also, the South is NASCAR country, especially in North Carolina.

9. We believe that meat is an integral part of every meal: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We don’t respond kindly to people suggesting we should try something vegetarian.

8. One of our favorite drinks is iced tea, but please … don’t offer us unsweetened iced tea — that’s just un-american! Another favorite beverage of ours is beer — doesn’t matter what kind, as long as it’s cold!

7. We are adamant about eating dinner as a family, going to church, and supporting the local high-school football team.

6. Grits are a staple food that we eat for breakfast. Grits are made of corn and we eat them topped with butter and salt. You should never suggest to a southerner that they put milk and sugar on their grits.

5. We call our elders ma’am and sir, respectfully.

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4. People in the South like to wave, just because. They also like to sit on their front porch and wave at the passing cars. It’s not weird, we’re just friendly. You should try it, it won’t kill you!

3. Southerners are proud hunters. We own a lot of guns and wholeheartedly believe in our right to bear arms. We don’t expect non-southerners to embrace hunting or fishing for that matter, but if you don’t know how to hunt or fish to feed your family, we don’t consider you a real man.

2. Southerners are true to the U. S. of A. In the South, it is not acceptable to burn an American flag. Moreover, if you set an American flag on fire, you are a disgrace to this country.

1. Here in the South, we don’t care how “great” the North is, or how things are up North. We do things our own way, plain and simple. Furthermore, we don’t have an accent, you do. We also don’t care how you drive up North. We are going to drive slow in the rain and stay off of the roads when it snows — get over it!

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