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12 Lazy Habits That Are Hurting Your Relationship

You can be lazy sometimes, but sometimes the lazy things you do on a regular basis can ruin your relationship. What lazy habits are ruining your relationship and family?

The New 103.7–14 hours ago

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Don’t Sell The Dream, If Your Not Willing To Deliver

In relationships we make promises, but are they promises you’re willing to make come true?

The New 103.7–09/29/2014

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New Music Showdown: The Cadillac Three Vs. Montgomery Gentry

Showdown! This week’s Showdown: The Cadillac Three “Party Like You” vs. Montgomery Gentry “Headlights”.


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Early Ray Is Ready To Rock Lake Wylie With 5 Other Bands On Sunday!

Early Ray talks about how excited he is to join other local Carolina bands to raise money or the Lake Wylie Children’s Charity! Check out more..

The New 103.7–09/26/2014

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4 Not-So-Obvious Signs You Should Keep This Guy Around

So you’ve been dating a guy for a little while, but your not sure if he’s a keeper or just another guy to add to the pile of those that just didn’t have what it takes. Here are a few signs you should keep him around!

The New 103.7–09/25/2014

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I Belive In Good Vibrations And So Does Juzzie Smith!

His name is Juzzie Smith but they call him the ‘One-Man Band’ and you’ll see why in this awesome video! Check it out…

The New 103.7–09/24/2014

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5 Signs You Rock At Relationships

Do you rock at relationships, or do you need a little extra help on how you can become better?

The New 103.7–09/23/2014

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New Music Showdown: Rascal Flatts Vs. Darius Rucker

This week’s Showdown: Rascal Flatts “Payback” vs. Darius Rucker “Homegrown Honey”.


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6 Things That Could End Your Relationship, Before It Starts

This instillation of #BIGonLove is all about things you could do to end your relationship, before it even starts. Keep clear of these, and look out for them!

The New 103.7–09/19/2014


BS Backstage:: Lee Brice Talks About Being On DWTS, HEARTest Yard Concert, New Album, And More!

We got to hang out with Lee Brice backstage before the HEARTest Yard Concert, Monday night at Coyote Joes! Check out what all he had to say….

The New 103.7–09/18/2014


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