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10 Must See Movies To Put Ya In The Mood Of The Holidays this Weekend!

You got the whole weekend ahead of ya, why not pop some popcorn, grab the family, and watch a great Christmas movie? Oh you don’t know which to watch? Check out these Top 10!

The New 103.7–12/12/2014

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These Folks Just Took Christmas Lights Shows To A New Level!

These folks just took their Neighborhood Christmas Light Show to a new level, plus they show it all from the sky! Can you say sweet? Move over Griswalds! Check out this video:

The New 103.7–12/11/2014

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Police Officers Handing Out Gifts Instead Of Tickets?

You see the blue lights behind you and your heart start beating. The cop walks up, asks you a few questions, one of which is what you want for Christmas, and he shows up with it instead of a ticket! Crazy huh? Check it out:

The New 103.7–12/10/2014

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5 Ways To Spot A Bad Work Christmas Party

Do you work somewhere that your office has awesome Christmas parties? Or do they follow the things on this checklist?

The New 103.7–12/09/2014

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4 Elf On The Shelf Rules Of Engagement

Is your Elf on The Shelf out and about? Here are a few rules to follow this holiday season!

The New 103.7–12/08/2014

Eli Young Band (Daryl Nelms Photography) - 47

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Eli Young Band Rocks!

It’s been a while since these Texas Boys rocked out Coyote Joes, but tomorrow night they return for the Jingle Bell Jam! Here’s why you don’t wanna miss it!

The New 103.7–12/04/2014

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5 Relationship Bridges, And When To Cross Them!

Their is no book called ‘Love For Dummies.’ Ok well their probably is but I doubt it can work for every single one of us!  Some say that folks do stuff way to soon, others […]

The New 103.7–12/03/2014

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Man Uses Random Acts Of Pasta To Feed The Homeless

Its the time of the year to give back to others, and that is exactly what this guy did with the help of a great deal from Olive Garden! Check out the video:

The New 103.7–12/02/2014

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5 Things To NOT Buy Your Co-Workers For Christmas!

Its time to play Secret Santa for your co-workers, but its no Secret to stay away from these things! Check em out:

The New 103.7–12/01/2014

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The Top 5 Best Black Friday Deals For Her & For Him

You can feel the excitement already! Thanksgiving is around the corner and Black Friday is right after that!  The malls and big box stores will be packed with everyone looking for a heck of a […]

The New 103.7–11/25/2014


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