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5 Common Reasons Folks Fall Out Of Love

One day your in love, and the next day your not. Sometimes it can happen just that simple, but why? What makes us fall out of love?

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New Music Showdown: Josh Abbott Band Vs. Cole Swindell

This week’s Showdown: Josh Abbott Band “Hangin’ Around” vs. Cole Swindell “Ain’t Worth The Whiskey”.

24 hours ago

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Guy Covers Taylor Swift’s “Out Of The Woods” With Free iPad Apps!

A guy downloads a few free apps on his iPad, then wakes up his inner Taylor Swift, and records her newly released song “Out Of The Woods.” Check out the video…

The New 103.7–10/17/2014

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The Top 10 Top-Earning Dead Celebrities Of 2014

Who’s the highest earning dead celebrity of 2014? The answer may surprise you!

The New 103.7–10/16/2014

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Five Things Men Should Never STOP Doing

#BIGonLOVE: The easiest thing you can do is fall in love, the harder part is keeping the love alive. We all get lazy, but here’s 5 things to not get lazy about guys

The New 103.7–10/15/2014

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All Couples Tell Eachother Little Lies Right?

Every couple has a few lies they tell each other right? Maybe… Does it make it right? Probably not.

The New 103.7–10/14/2014

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Your Favorite Drunk Food Says A Lot About You..

What do the things you crave when drunk, say about you? Find out…

The New 103.7–10/13/2014

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New Music Showdown: Brother Osborne Vs. The Cadillac 3

This week’s Showdown: Brothers Osborne’s “Rum” against “Party Like You” from The Cadillac 3.


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VIDEO: ‘I Don’t Wanna Wait A Million Billion Days To Be Married’

Usually its the girls who dream of being married, but this little boy wants to be married today! You gotta see this cute video!

The New 103.7–10/10/2014

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Ladies Hold Your PSL, We Makin Keg’s Out Of Pumpkins!

Ladies are all pumped about fall and their pumpkin spice latte’s but guys, now we have something to be excited about as well! Check out this project!

The New 103.7–10/09/2014


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