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Nothin Like A Sloppy Kiss For A Good Cause Right?? Pucker Up Dog Lovers!

Would you take a sloppy kiss from mans best friend to raise a few bucks for charity?

The New 103.7–23 hours ago

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New Music Showdown: Hunter Hayes Vs. Kristian Bush

This week’s Showdown: Hunter Hayes “Tattoo” vs. Kristian Bush “Trailer Hitch”.


Eric Paslay - Coyote Joe's - January 24th, 2014 - 30

B.S. Backstage: Eric Paslay Talks About Where He Was On 9/11, Writing Music, Being In A Movie and More!

Eric Paslay hung out backstage as we talked about a few things goin on in his life now and in the past, check out what he had to say!

The New 103.7–09/12/2014

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Josh Abbott Band & Casey Donahew Band Come To Rock Coyote Joes This Saturday Night!

Two of the hottest Red Dirt Country bands are com in to Coyote Joes this Saturday night for a 1-2-3 Night! Don’t miss the Josh Abbott Band and Casey Donahew Band! See why you don’t wanna…

The New 103.7–09/11/2014

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This Is CRAZY, An AT&T Commercial That Predicted Our Future Back In 1994!

So its 1994, your sitting on your couch watching TV and you see an Ad for AT&T talking about these crazy future inventions folks could only dream of! Now most these things are real life! Crazy?

The New 103.7–09/10/2014

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When’s The Best Time To Book Your Next Flight For The Best Price?

Its crazy to think that you have to wait till a certain time and day to book a flight for the best price, but a certain amount of days before the flight have the best prices! What are they?

The New 103.7–09/09/2014

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9 Reasons Why Guys May Love Long-Term Relationships

Is it really that bad being ‘wifed up?’ Maybe it stinks a little bit, but it really may not be that bad after all? Check out a few reasons to love it!

The New 103.7–09/08/2014

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New Music Showdown: Tim McGraw Vs. Garth Brooks

This week’s Showdown: “Shotgun Rider” by Tim McGraw vs. “People Loving People” by Garth Brooks.


First Gay Couples Wed Legally In New Zealand

Ladies: 3 Differences Between The Guy You Date, And The Guy You Marry

What do you look for in a guy you just date compared to a guy ya marry?

The New 103.7–09/05/2014


6 Signs That It’s ‘Over When It’s Over, Ain’t It Baby Ain’t It?’

Just like Eric Church’s song “Its Over When It’s Over,” Its over when its over, but what if you can see a sign before its over and save it? 6 Signs to look for!

The New 103.7–09/04/2014


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