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What Can’t Jason and Luke Wait For All Year?

You may be able to relate, in fact I know a lot of folks that wait all year round for a special time of the year. No its not Christmas, no its not Thanksgiving, can you guess what it is? Find out…

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B.S. Backstage With Gloriana

Check out Gloriana backstage before the show in Charlotte Saturday night as they talk Chest Hair, Boats, Dogs, and other crazy stuff with The New 103.7’s BIG SEXY!

The New 103.7–07/28/2014

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What If 50 Shades Of Grey Went Country?

What if 50 Shades of Grey went country? What songs would you put in it? Check out a few I have in mind and leave yours!

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Man Jumps From Moving Car To Get Away From Girlfriend!

Now I’ve been in a few arguments during the relationships in my life, but I don’t know if any where so bad that I would jump from a moving car. This guy is different I guess!

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Even The NASCAR Boys Like To Get A Little Dirty

How awesome is it that the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series is getting down in the dirt tonight? Really awesome! Find out why….

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6 Reasons Why Work Can Totally Be Like High School

Don’t you feel like the corporate world and high school are a lot alike?? After reading this you may think so!

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6 Signs Your Relationship May Not Work Out

If your having a rough time in your relationship, or just want to know what to look for, check out 6 signs your relationship may not last!

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New Music Showdown: Lucy Hale Vs. Maddie & Tae

This week’s Showdown: Lucy Hale “Lie A Little Better” against Maddie & Tae “Girl In A Country Song”.


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13 Tips To Save Big Money, By Doing Just A Little

They say the economy is getting better, but its tough to stretch a dollar. Here are some tips to saving a fe though….

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Colt Ford Meet and Greet 1-13-14 - 09

Colt Ford Launches A New Line Of Cowboy Boots You Gotta See!

I think the only thing Colt Ford doesn’t sell anymore is his own pair of under britches and if ya give him enough time, that could change given the chance! His newest thing is Cowboy Boots! Check em out…

The New 103.7–07/17/2014