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What Wasn’t on The First Thanksgiving Table ~

Thanksgiving is an awesome holiday.  A day to gather family together , enjoy a hearty meal, and go around the table declaring our thanksgivings.  The table we have today looks much different than that first […]


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100 Year old Woman Sees The Beach for the First Time

This story is beyond precious.  I guess it touches my heart so much because it reminds me so much of my Mom. Ruby Holt is 100 years old and sees the beach for the first […]


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All About That Baste!

It was bound to happen. I know you have heard Meghan Trainor’s “All About That Base” so naturally there is a Thanksgiving parody. I give you, via YouTube, “All About that Baste”~ Who does the […]


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“Greatest Catch in the History of Football” ?

You will probably hear this time and time again around the water cooler today. Some are calling it the greatest touchdown catch in the history of the NFL. Watch Odell Beckman’s ONE HANDED catch right […]


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“Ferocious” Dog Scares Away Would be Burglar

OMG!  I love this video so much.  As the owner of a yorkie, I know just how intimidating these ferocious beasts are. Check out this video, compliments of youtube, of Scamp the Yorkshire Terrier scaring […]


Miranda Lambert

A Big Country Star Gets An Adorable Invitation:)

We bet Ronan Hears Back From This Country Star Who’se Name He Just Hasn’t Mastered yet ~



Would you Ride THIS Roller Coaster?

Take A Look and See if You Are Brave Enough To Ride THIS Roller Coaster ~~


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An Adorable Itty bitty Thanksgiving

Awww, this is just so stinkin cute! An Itty Bitty Tiny Hamster Thanksgiving~ Enjoy! We hope you have a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving!!


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People’s Sexiest Man Alive Is ….

You may know him as the hammer wielding Norse god in the Avengers and now Australia’s Chris Hemsworth  has been named this year’s sexiest man alive by People magazine. He’s 31 and reports to People […]


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The 5 Types of Moms to Unfriend on Facebook ~

It’s National Unfriend week on facebook.  A time to go through and rid yourself of all the negative energy on your social networking site. For me, I plan to disconnect with the negative nelly’s, the […]



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