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Really?! Steal THIS?!

We do a segment on the show everyday called, “Other News,” where we chronicle the weird and bizarre that occurs in society between people, places and things. And we’ve seen it all. Some things go [...]

The New 103.7–9 hours ago

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Who Knew Turtles Can Twerk?

I (Charlie) grew up in a house where we didn’t really have pets.  I was allergic to cats, my sister (supposedly) to dogs.  I say supposedly because that’s what my mom always said-yet as an [...]

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If You Say So, But I Don’t Get It

Let me preface this by saying I have no unrequited love for the city of Pittsburgh.  In fact, it’s just the opposite.  As a boy who grew up in Houston, Texas, in the late 70s-early [...]

The New 103.7–10/21/2014

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When They Are Sick, It Sickens You

I (Charlie) am a great patient-mostly because I am never sick. Debbie, on the other hand, is the WORST patient I know-for a couple of reasons.  First and foremost, she NEVER admits that she is [...]

The New 103.7–10/21/2014

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Just Pull Into The Space Forward, Will Ya?!

Our parking garage here at the radio station is a nightmare. Unnecessarily large speed bumps, turns that are at TOO sharp an angle for any car, and really narrow spaces are just some of the [...]

The New 103.7–10/20/2014

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Unreal Cliff Diving POV

One of the things that left my (Charlie) body and soul almost instantaneously when I became a father, was my need to risk life and limb with daredevil-esque activity. Before I got married, before I [...]

The New 103.7–10/20/2014

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The Latest In My Angry Birds Obsession

I (Charlie) have NEVER been a big gamer in any way shape or form.  In fact, it drives my son crazy that my iPhone and iPad are not loaded down with way for him to [...]

The New 103.7–10/17/2014

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Keeping Ebola Free

Okay, now we are the FIRST to recognize that this may not be funny for very much longer.  Truth be told we are borderline in panic-mode about this right now and can’t understand why the [...]

The New 103.7–10/17/2014

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Give An Idiot A Jumbotron And He’ll Think He’s A Star

During a Celtics game, the audience Jumbotron caught one fan really getting into the spirit of the game. REALLY in the spirit. I (Charlie) work PA for the Charlotte Checkers 6-12 times a season and [...]

The New 103.7–10/16/2014

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The Story Behind The Story

I don’t know how I missed this movie being into production, but I’m kinda fired up about it.  It reunites the team from “Rush,” that AMAZING racing movie last year:  director, Ron Howard and actor, [...]

The New 103.7–10/16/2014


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