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4 Buckets For 10 Grand!

A couple of times a year, we get stories like this…you know, the kid who never played basketball all of the sudden making a miraculous shot for big bucks. Enter this year’s first contestant:  England-born Gustavo [...]

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Pee Wee’s NEW Adventure?

There are certain 80s movies that, to us, epitomize the decade and humor-wise stand the test of time.  Just a few are:  “Fast Times at Ridgemont High,” “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off,” and “Pee Wee’s Big [...]

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Glad To Hear It’s Good For Something

One of the features of IOS 8 from Apple is something they call “Predictive Text.”  For those who are not Apple users, predictive text is exactly what it says:  it predicts and/or tries to anticipate [...]

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Now THIS Is A Trick Worth Teaching

Look, we love to watch stupid pet tricks as much as the next person-or even not-so-stupid pet tricks. However, to be honest…you’ll never see our dog do anything remotely close to a trick.  Shoot, we’re [...]

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Beware The Live Mic

One of the first things they teach you in the telecommunications business is:  ALWAYS TREAT A MICROPHONE LIKE IT IS ON! If you do that, there is ZERO chance you’ll get burned by something that [...]

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This May Not Be A Bad Idea

This Halloween season has been one of discovery for our 13-year-old son, Hogan.  He’s discovered some of the classic horror/slasher movies.  He loves the “Scream” movies and (thankfully) our fave(s):  The “Halloween” movies. Last weekend [...]

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Mom Must Be So Proud

This is one of those moments that Debbie can get down on her knees and give thanks that when she leaves Hogan and I up to our own devices, the worst thing we do is [...]

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Why Go Door-To-Door When You Can Just Go To The Fridge?

I love this idea. It would be so cool to do this at your house for a Halloween party…so file this away! Deric Peace lives in Bennington, Vermont, and, in a move that can only [...]

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Keep Your Horse Away From The Diving Board

This story caught our eyes for a couple of reasons: 1.  Catherine Lane is our resident equestrienne and so we thought she’d be interested in this 2.  We were kind of surprised that the horse [...]

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Are Flying Fairies Attracted To Fire?

Ah the holiday fireplace.  How many a happy memory does this picture inspire?  Evenings before, during, and after the holidays…although we no longer have a fireplace, we do love them. It’s that “after the holiday” [...]

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