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Are You “Hungry” For Mockingjay?

Now that the summer movie season has come and gone (and by the way…for the most part, it kinda sucked-yes?), movie buffs like us can start to turn our attention and anticipation for what’s ahead [...]

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Babs Does Fallon

When I was in college there was NOTHING funnier than “Late Night With David Letterman” that came on immediately after Johnny Carson’s “Tonight Show” on NBC. Dave was GROUNDBREAKINGLY funny. I never thought I’d like [...]

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How Cool Is THIS?!

Naomi Elishuv used to be a world-class violinist, but uncontrollable shaking caused by a neurological disorder called essential tremor forced her to stop playing 20 years ago. Then she heard of this:  deep brain stimulation, [...]

The New 103.7–09/15/2014

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A Photographer’s Worst Nightmare

I (Charlie) am a photographer’s son. That’s right, my mom married a man who takes pictures for a living and gave birth to a son who runs his mouth for the same.  She has to [...]

The New 103.7–09/15/2014

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This Guy Has A Story NO ONE Will Believe

There are just a couple of things I (Charlie) truly fear when traveling on the highway:  18 wheelers and “crotch rocket” motorcycle riders.  I don’t know if it’s just my imagination, but it sure seems [...]

The New 103.7–09/12/2014

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Supermodels And Rednecks Share Talent

Okay, so most guys have been in love with supermodel, Kathy Ireland for a long time, but now, there’s something besides her gorgeous looks to love.  Now…we can love her for her skills. In fact, [...]

The New 103.7–09/12/2014

Debbie & "Spielberg" from our iPhone

When Wax Comes To Life Before Your Eyes

This pic was taken last year when Debbie and I came face to face with wax Steven Spielberg at Madame Tussauds in Hollywood last fall.  Spooky how life-like he looks, isn’t it? One of the [...]

The New 103.7–09/11/2014

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Awesome “Thank You” From Keith Urban

If you were to ask me (Charlie) who I think is the greatest singer of all time-all genres of music-on my short list would be Steve Perry of Journey.  I was fortunate to see that [...]

The New 103.7–09/11/2014

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Most Dangerous Selfie…EVER!

We’re not frequent viewers of the “Angry Planet,” so we’re completely unfamiliar with the work of  adventurer George Kourounis.  That being said…after seeing this, he is either the bravest or stupidest man in the world. [...]

The New 103.7–09/10/2014

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Best. Taylor. Parody. EVER!

Look, we don’t play Taylor Swift’s new song-nor will we play anything from her new album-it’s a pop song and we’re a country station.  However that doesn’t mean you can get away from it anywhere [...]

The New 103.7–09/10/2014


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