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Double The Blessing? Uh…No…

There’s two different things you hear about twins:  “double the blessing,” or “double the trouble.”  Personally, I would tend to fall in the belief of the latter rather than the former. Decide which camp you [...]

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Annoying Yet Fascinating Interview

Not a “Vogue” reader or purveyor of their website, so I was completely unfamiliar with their “73 Questions” show that is at once-incredibly annoying, and fascinatingly insightful. From the moment Reese Witherspoon opens her door, [...]

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Uh, New Shorts PLEASE!

I (Charlie) hate snakes.  LIKE REALLY HATE SNAKES! Indiana Jones and me. I don’t even like visiting the reptile areas in zoos.  The old saying of, “Oh, that’s a good snake.”  To me…a good snake [...]

The New 103.7–09/29/2014

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The Hoff Is Hero To Sick Boy

David “The Hoff” Hasselhoff does/has taken a lot of stick for the things he says and does.  Now most of it is deserved (and A LOT of it has come from us quite honestly), but [...]

The New 103.7–09/29/2014

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Ready To Get “Dumb” Again?

Jim Carrey is an acquired taste. We REALLY liked him on the TV sketch comedy show, “In Living Color.”  Some of the original characters he played there were fantastic…and they only lasted a few minutes [...]

The New 103.7–09/26/2014

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A “Belfie” For The In-Laws

We preface all this by again stating this fact:  you will never have to worry about nude pics of yourself getting out in public, if you never take them in the first place. Latest celebrity [...]

The New 103.7–09/26/2014

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Super Airline Dog

Let me preface this by telling you not to be fooled:  this is a commercial. THERE IS NO WAY that KLM actually has a wonder dog that can/does this.  NO WAY That being said, who [...]

The New 103.7–09/25/2014

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You Can “Pin” This Parody

For a Taylor Swift song that we don’t play on the radio (and to be honest, I’m kinda thankful for it-not a big fan of the tune), we can’t seem to be able to get [...]

The New 103.7–09/25/2014

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“Homeland” Goes 4D

The first time I heard the term “4D” was when we took a family vacation to Orlando and visited Universal Studios.  4D is when you actually, physically become a part of what is being viewed. [...]

The New 103.7–09/24/2014

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Why Not “The Monica?!”

We heard something last spring when “How I Met Your Mother” wrapped up its run on CBS from the lady who has been watching our son while we are at work for many years.  She [...]

The New 103.7–09/24/2014


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