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“Alex, I’ll Take Ridiculous Belly Button Videos For $200″

So today has been a learning day for me.  First, how to pronounce the word, “Cthulhu,” (see earlier post) and now THIS! Here was the headline I first came across:  “Rhett and Link belly button [...]

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Can You Say Cthulhu?

Okay, we realize your first impulse when seeing this is, “WHAT?!” It was ours too. However, being big fans of written language and words in general, once we saw this, we not only HAD to [...]

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Two Of Country’s Finest Share The Stage And The Mic

Another Strait show, another guest star joins The King on his farewell tour. As “The Cowboy Was Riding Away” in Tulsa, Oklahoma, the other night, one of Okie’s favorite sons joined Strait on the mic [...]

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A Summer Movie For Grown-Ups?

I know, hard to believe, right? In the coming months, your local cinema will be overwhelmed by the likes of “Godzilla,” “Transformers,” and another “Spider-man” movie. Sure, you’ll be taking the kids to see those-and [...]

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Nothing Better Than Little Wizards

We will never forget the Christmas 3 years ago when we surprised our son with a trip to Orlando for Disney and Universal Studios.  And, although there are many who swear by Disney…for our buck, [...]

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Not So Much HOW, But WHY Did He Do This?!

Full disclosure…we’re not “Peeps” people. We don’t like the smell, taste, stickiness, ANYTHING ABOUT THEM. We realize they are practically synonymous with Easter baskets, but for those that love them, you can have em.  We’ll [...]

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“Crappy” Tax Day

Well, another April 15th has come and gone. Regardless of if you’re getting money back or not, you cannot escape noticing how much of your income you never take home. And it’s sobering. It’s times [...]

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Want A Kid To Pay Attention To Direction? Rap!

We don’t have to tell any parent this, but believe it or not…kids don’t pay attention to us when we want them to most!  I can’t tell you the number of times our son has [...]

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How Do You Make “The Masters” Harder?

The Masters golf tournament took place with Bubba Watson being crowned winner and presented with his second “green jacket”-the tradition trophy of golf’s most prestigious tournament. For those not overly familiar with this event or [...]

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As If “The Bachelor” Wasn’t Bad Enough

Ladies, you cannot claim to be offended by the way men treat you when you turn out by the millions to watch “The Bachelor.”  AND YOU REALLY can’t gripe if you decide to tune into [...]

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