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It’s A Bird, It’s A Plane, It’s A Portable Toilet

Rednecks are all over the world in all shapes and sizes and in all intellects and socio-economic status.  For anyone to try to convince another or to believe otherwise is false and a complete waste […]

The New 103.7–12/09/2014

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A Piece Of My Childhood Passes

When I (Charlie) was growing up in Houston in the 70s and early 80s, we didn’t have cable.  In fact…at that time, no one did.  So weekday afternoons during the school year were spent (for […]

The New 103.7–12/09/2014

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A Gold Standard Gone Too Soon

In my opinion, the “Gold Standard” for female vocalists-in any genre of music-is Carrie Underwood.  I’ve heard “Something In The Water” at least 10 million times, and every time I hear the last 30 seconds, […]

The New 103.7–12/08/2014

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Yea! The Return Of Cereal That’s AWFUL For You!

I remember when I was a kid, I used to make my mom by EVERY breakfast cereal known to man.  I was not ever “brand” loyal. I was “toy” loyal. I don’t know how much […]

The New 103.7–12/08/2014

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Movie Friday Part 2: New Ben Stiller Flick

And no, I’m not talking about Night At The Museum 20 or whatever number they are on now.  No, this looks like the kind of Ben Stiller movie we REALLY like. Whether it’s “Meet The […]

The New 103.7–12/05/2014

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Movie Friday Part 1-Terminator Genisys

Ever since the success of the “Batman” trilogy of Christopher Nolan and the recent James Bond films starring Daniel Craig, the big buzz term around Hollywood for potential blockbuster franchises is “reboot.” Well, get ready […]

The New 103.7–12/05/2014

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Tom Brady Yuks It Up

Who doesn’t love Tom Brady? Women want him because he’s a good-looking, rich, Super Bowl winning Quarterback. Guys want him because…well, he wakes up every morning next to Gisele Bundchen. Most of his career, Brady […]

The New 103.7–12/04/2014

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Because There Just Aren’t Any Dog Videos On The Internet

Of course, we’re being sarcastic with the title of this blog, as I would bet over 90% (it seems) of the videos on YouTube involve dogs. This one caught our attention for another reason.  Our […]

The New 103.7–12/04/2014

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REALLY Cool “Trends” Time Lapse

Debbie is a HUGE TV Land watcher.  So, by the fact that I share a bedroom with her, I see more than my fair share as well. One thing that is really interesting to see […]

The New 103.7–12/03/2014

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Who Let The Cow In?

There are two things in your child’s life that are cute when they first occur…but then when they get older? Not so much. The first of which?  Pooping.  We all look in that near-odorless first […]

The New 103.7–12/03/2014


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