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Don’t Blame It On A Dog, When A Horse Is Around

Let me start by saying Debbie has absolutely NOTHING to do with this. Something this juvenile has my (Charlie) fingerprints ALL OVER IT! Remember Mr. Ed?  He was a talking horse.  When he opened his [...]

The New 103.7–04/09/2014

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With Friends Like These…

Think about things that you’ve said-just offhand to friends over the years. Ever regret any of those? I can’t think of too many, but for this guy…that’s not a problem. See, it was Josh Paler [...]

The New 103.7–04/09/2014

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Symphonic Cell Phones

Just the other day I opened up a drawer in our kitchen and found two cell phone that have to be 10 years removed from their last use by either one of us. Why did [...]

The New 103.7–04/08/2014

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Eating This Is Bad For You? No Duh!

We are no strangers to the phrase, “Eating this is bad for you.” However, with us it always has to do with cake, pie, baked potatoes, fatty fried foods, etc. This guy? He’s addicted to [...]

The New 103.7–04/07/2014

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World Pillow Fight Day?

How do we continually NOT get the memo for participation in this?  Apparently, this is not just an American thing, but a WORLDWIDE one! Participants from New York to Austria participated in the event (the [...]

The New 103.7–04/07/2014

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AWKWARD Moment With Alex Trebek

Full disclosure:  we are not be Alex Trebek fans. We know it’s not intentional (at least we hope not), but he always has an EXTREMELY snarky attitude towards the people on “Jeopardy.” Let’s face facts…they [...]

The New 103.7–04/04/2014

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Wow, I Know Somebody Famous

I honestly can’t remember a time when I was not in school (thru High School) with Renaud Notaro.  He and I were never close friends, but we were basketball teammates for many years. Ironically (and [...]

The New 103.7–04/04/2014

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Spider-man And His Amazing “Mini-Me”

“The Amazing Spider-Man 2″ comes out May 14th.  Between now and then, prepare to be constantly bombarded by publicity and promotion for it. Case in point,  Evian has released a new commercial for their ongoing [...]

The New 103.7–04/03/2014

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How About THIS Opening For Gravity

“Gravity” was one of the best movies of 2013.  It won A TON of awards-Oscar and otherwise.  Also, the tour-de-force performance of Sandra Bullock as the mentally strongest woman ever stranded in space was worthy [...]

The New 103.7–04/03/2014

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Lion King At 30,000 Feet

If you’ve ever seen the Broadway performance-even the traveling version-of “The Lion King,” you know what an amazing spectacle it is. Now, imagine if that performance breaks out on a plane? Well, that’s what the [...]

The New 103.7–04/02/2014