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Real Life “Bad Santa?”

Police in Melbourne, Australia, have released CCTV footage of a man dressed as Santa Claus robbing a post office Saturday. A POST OFFICE?! No sleigh for a getaway vehicle however as this jolly ol St. […]

The New 103.7–11/18/2014

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This Can’t Be Good For A Turkey’s Rep

I think we all have had the experience of playing “Pin The Tail On The Donkey” or hitting a Pinata.  If not, one of the things that is mandatory is being blindfolded and then spun […]

The New 103.7–11/18/2014

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Woody Kills SNL

For those of you too young to remember the MAGNIFICENT TV show, “Cheers,” Saturday night you were treated to something all of us got on a weekly basis for the better part of a decade. […]

The New 103.7–11/17/2014

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Santa Shouldn’t Have To Eat Alone

Maybe it’s the time of the year, maybe we’re just a couple of saps, but this story…even days after we first heard it…still gets us misty. In this time of over commercialism of the holiday […]

The New 103.7–11/17/2014

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The Last Laugh With Robin Williams

In August, the world said goodbye to Robin Williams. In the last week we’ve gotten the final autopsy results and details of his will. None of which are happy stories about a man who brought […]

The New 103.7–11/14/2014

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Maybe They’ll Respond To THIS!

As the parents of a teenager who has NEVER picked up a wet towel in his life-much less changed a toilet paper roll (we don’t even think he has any idea where the toilet paper […]

The New 103.7–11/14/2014

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Taylor At 12

This is what Taylor Swift looks like now at a sporting event (a recent NY Knicks game). But back in the day… What’s interesting about this to me (Charlie) is that as a part-time Public […]

The New 103.7–11/13/2014

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TBT-“Chris Gaines”

With all the hype surrounding his current tour and new CD release, this Throwback Thursday deals with a time when Garth made one of the few miscalculations in his career. And it was A GREAT […]

The New 103.7–11/13/2014

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Sajak Gettin’ REAL

Hand to God, we don’t know why this doesn’t happen more often. On any given week, YouTube is flooded with videos of people making indescribable flubs on TV while competing on “Wheel of Fortune.”  If […]

The New 103.7–11/12/2014

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Teachers CAN’T Be Dopes Like Me

I (Charlie) hated Chemistry. I take that back.  I don’t think I hated Chemistry as much as I feared it.  I just knew…KNEW I was going to blow up the entire lab and forever be […]

The New 103.7–11/12/2014


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