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When Celebs Stop Being Nice And Get Real

There is nothing wrong with not necessarily getting along with someone.  We are all different, and that’s a good thing.  That’s not to say you shouldn’t be decent and respectful to one another, but there’s [...]

The New 103.7–07/10/2014

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Kenny Rogers Rocks!

There is nothing we hate more than a celebrity who takes his/her self  WAYYYY too seriously.  Anyone who is so pretentious that they are incapable of having a laugh at their own expense…we have NO [...]

The New 103.7–07/10/2014

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Kids And Dogs Speak The Same Language

If you ever get the opportunity to have a baby and a dog in the same house for any prolonged period of time you will discover what we feel is an absolute truth. Babies and [...]

The New 103.7–07/09/2014

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Appetite For…JAZZ?!

In the fall of 1987, I (Charlie) was beginning my senior year in high school and a CD came out that became pretty much the soundtrack of that year. It was called “Appetite for Destruction” [...]

The New 103.7–07/09/2014

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Gone Girl

If you haven’t been able to guess by now, we LOVE the movies. Before our son was born, our ritual EVERY Friday night was to go out to dinner and then go see the latest [...]

The New 103.7–07/08/2014

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Sharknado 2…It’s Getting Closer!

Okay, we’ve been warning you…just when you thought it was safe to watch TV in the summer again… SHARKNADO is back! Wednesday, July 30th…”Sharknado 2:  The Second One” hits the airwaves of the SyFy channel. [...]

The New 103.7–07/08/2014

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Beer Slushy?! WOO-HOO!!!!

If you’ve ever had the misfortune of drinking a warm beer — which is more than commonplace in the summertime — you’re gonna LOVE this! Japanese beer company Kirin Ichiban claims to have a way [...]

The New 103.7–07/01/2014

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“Fall” In With “The Skeleton Twins”

I must admit, I like Bill Hader and Kristen Wiig A LOT more away from “Saturday Night Live” than I ever did when they were starring on SNL. Now, you can’t judge a book by [...]

The New 103.7–07/01/2014

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Cats And Toilets

Just the other day we had the stat on “Smartest Person In The QC” that five percent of cat owners attempt to teach their felines to use the toilet. Come to find out there are [...]

The New 103.7–06/30/2014

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No Pants? Look Ma, No Hands!

Just because your skill is useless, doesn’t mean it is not AWESOME! Take this dude for instance… Chinese YouTuber Now 夠了沒 is basically the Superman of pants. I don’t know if you’ve ever tried to [...]

The New 103.7–06/30/2014