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Rachel Dratch of SNL getting a bikini wax in an hilarious sketch.  Photo:  NBC via Getty Images

This Is Why Men Shouldn’t Bikini Wax

The other day with “Smartest Person In The QC” we had a question that dealt with the number of men who seek out “cosmetic treatment”-you know, things like pedicures, manicures, facials, etc. But BIKINI WAXES?! […]

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“But I DON’T NEED To Be Rescued!”

Good dog? Well, maybe. This video was posted to “America’s Funniest Home Videos.”  In it, a trained rescue dog seems to get a little carried away when it saw a child trying to go for […]

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Remember That Dog That “Ran For The Border?” He’s Living Large!

Our dog, is a REALLY precocious and pampered cockapoo:  half cocker spaniel, half poodle.  “Frisky” is much more cocker than poodle and is no doubt the laziest dog in the world. I honestly think he […]

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Pole Dancing On A Golf Course?!

This is normally as close to a bear as any of us get on a golf course:  seeing Jack Nicklaus, aka “The Golden Bear.” I (Charlie) am not just an avid golfer, I’m somewhat an […]

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Lunch Boxes For Engagement Rings

At the risk of sounding “like a guy,” I (Charlie) can not agree MORE with the intent of this video. For some reason, some people agreed it was necessary and mandatory to spend thousands on engagement […]

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Wanna Know Why Coke Is #1?

Two, if the THE TWO, most successful brands in the history of the world are Coca-Cola and Budweiser.  Why?  How do they do it?  Very simple:  marketing. And not just marketing, but marketing correctly.  BOTH […]

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Are You “Hungry” For Mockingjay?

Now that the summer movie season has come and gone (and by the way…for the most part, it kinda sucked-yes?), movie buffs like us can start to turn our attention and anticipation for what’s ahead […]

The New 103.7–09/16/2014

Photo:  NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Babs Does Fallon

When I was in college there was NOTHING funnier than “Late Night With David Letterman” that came on immediately after Johnny Carson’s “Tonight Show” on NBC. Dave was GROUNDBREAKINGLY funny. I never thought I’d like […]

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How Cool Is THIS?!

Naomi Elishuv used to be a world-class violinist, but uncontrollable shaking caused by a neurological disorder called essential tremor forced her to stop playing 20 years ago. Then she heard of this:  deep brain stimulation, […]

The New 103.7–09/15/2014

Photo:  MCT via Getty Images

A Photographer’s Worst Nightmare

I (Charlie) am a photographer’s son. That’s right, my mom married a man who takes pictures for a living and gave birth to a son who runs his mouth for the same.  She has to […]

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