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Just Pull Into The Space Forward, Will Ya?!

Our parking garage here at the radio station is a nightmare. Unnecessarily large speed bumps, turns that are at TOO sharp an angle for any car, and really narrow spaces are just some of the […]

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Unreal Cliff Diving POV

One of the things that left my (Charlie) body and soul almost instantaneously when I became a father, was my need to risk life and limb with daredevil-esque activity. Before I got married, before I […]

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The Latest In My Angry Birds Obsession

I (Charlie) have NEVER been a big gamer in any way shape or form.  In fact, it drives my son crazy that my iPhone and iPad are not loaded down with way for him to […]

The New 103.7–10/17/2014

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Keeping Ebola Free

Okay, now we are the FIRST to recognize that this may not be funny for very much longer.  Truth be told we are borderline in panic-mode about this right now and can’t understand why the […]

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Give An Idiot A Jumbotron And He’ll Think He’s A Star

During a Celtics game, the audience Jumbotron caught one fan really getting into the spirit of the game. REALLY in the spirit. I (Charlie) work PA for the Charlotte Checkers 6-12 times a season and […]

The New 103.7–10/16/2014

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The Story Behind The Story

I don’t know how I missed this movie being into production, but I’m kinda fired up about it.  It reunites the team from “Rush,” that AMAZING racing movie last year:  director, Ron Howard and actor, […]

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“Have A Nice Day At Work, Hon!”

From the “I’ve Always Wonder How They Handle This” File, comes Jennifer Garner. First, let me (Charlie) preface this with the face that…well, I’m in love with her. In fact, I’ve already had the talk […]

The New 103.7–10/15/2014

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Randy Orton RKOs The Internet

Admittedly, I am a life-long wrestling fan. But even if you’re not…these are AWESOME! One of the biggest stars in the business is a third generation wrestler/WWE Superstar named Randy Orton. His “finishing” move (once […]

The New 103.7–10/15/2014

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Scariest Halloween Decoration

Debbie and our son, Hogan, are CRAZY for Halloween.  If you ever saw the sitcom, “Roseanne,” as bananas as they are for Halloween…that’s my family. So, consequently my front yard is a see of pumpkins, […]

The New 103.7–10/14/2014

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Joe Jonas Movie Filmed In The Dirty Mo

Normally we would not be fired up about any movie starring Joe Jonas. Normally. This is different.  For two reasons: 1) because of it was filmed at the Coddle Creek Country Store in Mooresville and […]

The New 103.7–10/14/2014



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