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Patriotic Recipes For Your July 4th Party

With July 4th right around the corner, let us help you plan your big patriotic party with these super festive recipes.



Aaron Lewis’ Country Boy Fourth Of July Military Tribute

Fourth of July is right around the corner, but unfortunately theres gonna be a few hundred brave men and women that won’t be able to spend it on the lake, or in the backyard like […]


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Top 10 Failed Fireworks Displays

The Fourth of July is a time to celebrate the freedom our country gained on July 4, 1776. In typical American style, the trend is to launch fireworks into the sky in celebration of our freedom, but what about those that don’t make it into the sky? What happens to those? Well we’re going to answer you questions! Take a look through our article on the Top 10 Failed Fireworks Displays. Let us know what you think in the comments section below!


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Lil’ & Big Sexy’s Picks Of The Week: New Music From Carrie Underwood And Tim McGraw

New music on The New 103.7! Hear it here first!


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Welcome Home: Best Surprise Military Homecoming Videos

In honor of July 4th, we’d like to thank all of the men and women who serve our country so bravely and their families that sacrifice so much. Here are several videos that will capture your heart and leave you more thankful than ever for what these men and women go through to serve our country.


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Ten Patriotic Country Songs For The Fourth Of July

Country music artists are great at putting their love of the U.S.A. into song. And so to celebrate Independence Day this week, we assembled ten of the most patriotic songs out there.


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Top 10 Patriotic Country Songs

Country is more than just music. It’s also an array of other things like love, heart break and yes, patriotism! We have the 10 best patriotic songs to celebrate Independence Day this week!



Mail-Order Meat: Top 10 Meat Fixes We Are Going Postal For (Literally) On The 4th

Vegans beware! This post will have practically every red-blooded carnivorous American man salivating at his desk at work. With barbecue season in full swing and Independence Day coming up next Monday, we’ve decided to make […]


One Big Bang! Or Maybe A Few..

Yesterday we celebrated Independence day, and though i’ve never understood what fireworks have to do with the 4th of July, well i still love seeing stuff go BOOM! Check out this video from Washington D.C!