Are We Really Country?

How much are North Carolinian’s living like a country song? You know you’ve got to own a truck, have dirt roads to drive on, like drinkin’ and Jesus.

The New 103.7–07/10/2014

(Photo by Theo Fakos - Pool/Getty Images)

What Do You Get When You Have 1 Trash Can, and 2 Rednecks?

What do you get when you take one trashcan, add in two rednecks and a little boom? Find out!

The New 103.7–04/24/2014

Thoughts On CMT's My Big Redneck Vacation

Nothin Like A Big Redneck Vacation

Have you ever been on a vacation trip and go, “Dang, we are a little bit redneck?”  If not you really need to try it, but just make sure you have that ‘Don’t give a […]


Jeff Foxworthy Kicks Off Big Sexy's 12 Music Videos Of Christmas

Jeff Foxworthy Kicks Off BIG SEXY’s 12 Music Videos Of Christmas!

Its the 12 day’s of Christmas, or here at The New 103.7 the 12 Music Video’s of Christmas! I figured there was no better song to kick it off then everyone’s favorite song from Jeff […]


The Redneck 10 Commandments

The Redneck Ten Commandments

If your like me and never understood all the ‘thy’s’ and ‘thou’s’ in old english then this video is perfect for you!  Its the Ten Commandments reworded for us redneck and common folks!  


The Christmas Gift Test, How Redneck Is He?

How Redneck Is Your Man? The Christmas Gift Test!

If for some reason you ladies are questioning how redneck your man really is, or even if you guys are questioning the redneckness of your friends, then there is only one question you need to […]


Blake Shelton & Miranda Lambert Are Just Fishin

Though most people might fly off to some Caribbean Island or Hawaii for there honeymoon, [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Blake Shelton[/lastfm] and [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Miranda Lambert[/lastfm] are deciding to do things a little different.  Should we be surprised?  These […]


A Mobile Home, With A Lift Kit

I’ve never seen a trailer with a lift kit like that before, but i guess it puts a whole new meaning to [lastfm]Toby Keith[/lastfm]’s “Trailerhood!” Wanna get Trailerhood like Toby? Check out this hilarious mobile […]


Thinkin Cold.. And A Lil Redneck

It’s been hot out here at Verizon Wireless Ampitheater getting ready for [lastfm]Brad Paisley[/lastfm]’s water world so I was trying to think cold!  Why not go with some snow?  Then i was thinkin redneck! So […]


Last Thing To Do For Summer

Its already August 23rd which means summer is almost over!  Most the kids are back in school and the days of cold are getting closer and closer, whats the last thing you wanna do before […]




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