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What state has the best women?

I don’t like to judge women on which are better depending on where they come from on the map, unless they are from up north! Nah I’m just kidding. What state has the best though?

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So Guys Are You Ready For The Ladies?

CBS Sports is all set to launch an all female TV sports talk show.


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Guys Guide To Get Over Your Ex

That it, you need to be done moping around and sad because she left ya. Maybe if you weren’t such a pain in the butt she woulda’ stuck around. Nah I doubt it. After all it her fault right? I mean she did decide to leave. Ah, it don’t matter. We are gonna come up with a few ways to get over that ole girl! Ya ready?

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Top 5 Sexiest Careers For Women

Lets count down the Top 5 sexiest careers a women could have, you may not agree, but maybe you may! Check em out and let me know…

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10 Ways You’re Driving Him Away

(CBS Radio) — It’s no secret that relationships require a certain amount of effort, understanding, and communication between the couple to ensure that the relationship remains healthy. But, have you ever wondered what else you […]


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Whats The Perfect Age Ladies??

Every once in a while they do studies on the perfect age that men and women think they are at the peak or the best of their life. I’ve heard it before for men but it seems a new poll has said when Women feel their life is the best. When do you think it is? 20s? 30s? 60s?


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Top 10 Things Women Do That Drive Men Away

(CBS Radio) — Have you ever started dating “Mr. Right” only to have him leave you in the dust without an explanation? Perhaps, your dream man wasn’t ready for a serious relationship, or quite plausibly, […]


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You Can’t Have One Eye On Her, & Another Eye Looking For The Next

We always wonder why men are the ones that are blamed for cheating, and being the ones that are wrong in relationships. I know its not always the guys fault, but it seems time and time again that men are considered ‘pigs’ and ‘dogs.’ Why is this?



What Age Is Sexy?

This is me, a <cough> few years ago at around age 32.  According to a new survey this is the age that women feel the most confident.  Women feel the sexiest tho at around age […]


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Maggie Rose: Empowering Women And Keeping Men In Line

In an industry where the good ol’ boys run the show, once in a while a female artist rises up to take a stand. The former Bruce Springsteen cover band singer, Maggie Rose and her band are kicking down doors and taking names!




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